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The Managing Director/CEO, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Capt. Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu FOSHA has expressed his delight in the strides archived by FAAN, particularly in terms of Health and Safety best practices, and has declared the Authority’s intent to constantly review and upgrade its safety protocols to ensure that Nigerian airports are safe for flights operation and safe for passengers.

The FAAN Boss stated this in Abuja, during his conferment of OSHAssociation UK fellowship and Inauguration of the Authority as Cooperate Member of OSHAssociation where he attested that FAAN is working in line with the Mandate recently rolled out by the Federal Government to not just Improve the Safety Standards for flights operation but also to make Nigerian Airports safe for passengers as well as airport officials.

Expressing his delight for the honour bestowed on him by the Association, Capt. Yadudu FOSHA expressed his excitement on the fellowship conferment alongside the Cooperate Membership Inauguration adding that is not just an addition of yet another feather to his hat and that of the Authority, but a crystal indication that FAAN is indeed improving and growing across the board as the Authority’s strides is being recognized internationally.

“ I must confess that this is not just an honour to FAAN and Me, but a crystal indication that the unrelenting passion and drive of this Agency to see that Nigerian Airports are not just standardized but also improved with the view of ensuring safe operations as well as the safety of the lives of Passengers and officers.

“This recognition by OSHAssociation UK speaks volumes of our strides and proves beyond doubt h that we are forward and onward” he noted


Capt. Yadudu further explained that the fellowship and Corporate Membership will spur FAAN to do more in safety. “We want to assure you that we are committed to safety” the FAAN MD told the Association. I was also a safety officer and safety manager so I have been a safety person. Our industry is entirely about safety. Every day, there are over 10, 000 flights all over the world, but we go on for months without crashes. This speaks to the safety protocols of the industry. There is a lot that goes into making an aircraft fly safely” he explained.

“If we don’t pay attention to safety, we can’t survive in this industry. But we will keep on making more efforts to operate more safely” he noted.

He also promised the Association that FAAN will review the safety recommendations

“We will review your safety recommendations with our regulations and implement them based on our regulatory parameters,” he told the association.

Also speaking at the event, Regional President, Occupational Safety and Health UK, Nigeria. HRH, Dr. Olusegun Aderemi, while decorating the FAAN MD disclosed the intent of the Association to take the partnership to the next level given the critical role of FAAN in providing safe and essential services to aviation operators and users.

He also requested to help FAAN achieve its safety mandate by providing safety awareness, safety signages, safety trainings for various departments of FAAN, and more as this will go a long way in not just ensuring that passengers and officers are safe in Nigerian Airports but that the Narrative of Nigeria being one of the least in terms of Health and Safety compliance, especially in workplaces is reversed.

The FAAN inauguration and Fellowship conferment which had the theme: “Aviation Safety: Key for Development and Sustainability” is one of the Association’s unrelenting resolutions to see that the gospel of safety is spread across the board. At the same time, OSHAssociation understands and is working acidulously to get all stakeholders Captains of Industries, Heads of Departments, and the like get involved in the issues of OSH as this will ensure that they are not just Safety aware but are passionately driven towards changing the current narrative through proper policy formations and deliberations for the betterment of officers within their jurisdiction as the Nation at large.

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