The OSHAssociation Code of Conduct & Ethics

All members of the OSHAssociation (individuals, corporate members or corporate partners) are bound by a Code of Conduct and Ethics of the Association summarised as follows:

This Code of Conduct and Ethics specifies the standard of ethical conduct for professional members of the Association globally. It places obligations on members to practice and work in an objective manner and follow recognised Health and Safety principles.

Nothing in the Code will require professional members of the Association to contravene obligations under any relevant occupational health and safety legislation or other relevant legislation, regulations and codes. Professional members will act in accordance with the following requirements:

General Responsibility of Members

  • Act and work responsibly and competently at all times to improve health and safety in workplaces and ensure unsafe acts are avoided.
  • Give priority to the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and other workplace health and safety stakeholders in accordance with accepted standards of moral and legal behaviours.
  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and other workplace health and safety stakeholders take precedence over the professional members’ responsibilities to sectional or private interests.
  • Ensure members do not engage in any illegal or improper practices.
  • Members should improve on general skills and knowledge on global OSH best practices
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that qualifications, capabilities or views are not misrepresented by others
  • Correct any misrepresentations and adopt the highest best standards in all professional relationships with fellow colleagues and other organisations.
  • Be abreast with the programmes of the Association, fully participating at local and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and related training events.


Quality Administration

Every division of the Association shall comply with international best practices and standards, by administering quality services to enhance members’ professions.

Certificate of Membership

Every member shall be entitled to an Original Certificate of Membership from the Association’s regional secretariat or from the headquarters.

Admission for Membership

Any applicant may be admitted as a member of the Association upon the approval of the membership committee, having met the requirements for membership as an individual or a corporate body.


The Association’s annual general meeting holds in any country where the Association is functional and active with activities like seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc. International annual general meetings are also held for the benefit of members globally.

Professional Divisions

The Association has areas of expertise/specialisation as mini –divisions where members can belong to and contribute their ideas and experiences for the purpose of consultancy in such field. Mini-Divisions such as:

  • OSH Training & Consulting
  • Oil and Gas Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Land Transportation Safety (Rail & Road)
  • Air Transportation Safety (Aviation)
  • Water Transportation Safety (Marine)
  • Environment/Sustainable Development
  • Occupational Hygiene Occupational Health
  • Process Safety
  • Security
  • Fire/Emergency Management, etc.

All members are advised to visit the Association secretariat closet to them and identify with the region based on their area (s) of specialization and interest.

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