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The New Appointed Country Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation Nigeria Region Promised to Collaborate with Stakeholders.

In a bid to prioritise the safety and well-being of Nigerians, the newly appointed Country Regional Administrator of the OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim, has pledged to implement proactive safety awareness campaigns aimed at saving lives across the country through proactive collaboration with stakeholders and professionals. He expressed his commitment for promoting a safety culture and ensuring that Nigerians are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others from potential hazards and risks they face on daily activities.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim is a visionary safety leader with a deep commitment to community safety and welfare. He  have also reviewed and solidified  his agenda that will be centered around the three key pillars: People, Process, and Systems. These pillars will be supported by financial stewardship and improved membership focus, which are overarching themes in his strategic plan currently being drafted.

Under the pillar of “People,” the administrator plans to strategically invest in areas such as talent, training, membership, management, and the formulation and implementation of people-centered safety policies. This focus on people will also include safety culture transformation within the organisation.

The second pillar, “Process,” will emphasize adherence to public safety policy regarding collaboration, advocacy, and awareness engagements. This means that he intends to align the activities of the OSHAssociation UK- (Nigeria Region) with relevant public policies to foster effective collaboration, advocate for safety, and engage in awareness campaigns. He as well plans to institute and pursue systems that guarantee efficiency and quality in the outputs of the organisation. One of the strategic focus areas within the systems pillar is the Safety Management System implementation in various private and public organisations.

He promised to integrate safety awareness into the educational curriculum, instilling safety consciousness from a young age. He envisions a future where every Nigerian, regardless of age or background, will be a proactive safety conscious individual and advocate.

In addition to these initiatives, he is spearheading a nationwide campaign to improve emergency response services, ensuring that awareness reaches those in need quickly and efficiently. This holistic approach to safety best practices not only promises to save lives but also to enhance the overall well-being and security of the nation.

He further highlighted that the OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, will launch comprehensive safety campaigns aimed at educating Nigerians about potential risks and providing them with practical tools and resources to mitigate those risks. These campaigns will utilize various channels, including social media platforms, workshops, and community engagement programmes, to reach a wide audience and maximise the impact of safety awareness initiatives.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim also emphasized the importance of partnerships with government agencies, private organisations, and community leaders to ensure the success of these initiatives. He expressed his intention to collaborate closely with relevant ministries, regulatory bodies, and industry associations to develop and enforce safety best standards across different sectors.

As the new Country Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation -Nigeria Region, With his vision, expertise, and determination, collectively, stakeholder and safety professionals will  renewed focus to fostering a culture of safety best practices that will ultimately save lives and protect the well-being of Nigerians.

Together, with collective efforts, Nigerians can look forward to a future where lives are safeguarded, accidents are minimized, and occupational well-being is assured.


One Reply to “The New Appointed Country Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation Nigeria Region Promised to Collaborate with Stakeholders.”

  1. Welcome again on board Dr Aliyu, the New Country Administrator of OSHA UK( Nigeria) . Your three Pillars of focus vis PEOPLE, PROCESS, and SYSTEMS, at this point in time is apt to lead the Country and members to greater heights. We move.
    Dr Ihort Achu, FOSHA.

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