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Without relenting to its mandate of stunting fatalities across all sectors, the Occupational Safety and Health Association – Nigeria Region conducted a 4-day in-house Professional Health, Safety, and Environment Training and Certification for trainees of the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) to equip them with fundamental knowledge as far as Occupational Health and Safety in the Power Sector is concerned.

The four days training conducted at the NAPTIN Regional Training Center, Power House, Kachia Road, Kakuri, Kaduna State is part of the Association’s stride to impact the society, especially the nation’s workplace with the gospel of Safety best practices through training campaigns with a view of improving the knowledge and skills of the citizenry with a view of stunting fatalities, accidents and incidents especially in the workplaces hence making the workplace healthier and safer for everyone.

Recall that trainees of NAPTIN were in may Trained by the Association  in Kainji, Niger state. The recent training in Kaduna is still the continued effort of NAPTIN in conjunction with OSHAssociation to equip the sector as Safety Knowledge goes a long way in boosting the confidence of Workers while they carried out their activities on site.

The training program included the following courses: Fire Safety and Prevention in Power Sector (Course 107), Workplace Health and Safety (Course 109), and Personal Protective Equipment PPE (Course 108), to mention but a few, all of which were taught extensively by OSHAssociation’s Training Instructors.

During the 4 days, the trainees were better equipped with all the rudimental knowledge of safety best practices as it relates to the power sector.

Some of the trainees who spoke with safety view media attested that the training has enlightened them on how to conduct their service safely and healthily. Attesting that the risk factor in the sector is high, the class representative explained that workers in the sector deal with the highest level of voltage which is risky, adding that the inculcation of safety training into their training curriculum has gone a long way in boosting his confidence as well as ensuring that they return home to their families safe and sound.

OSHAssociation has continuously remained resolute in improving the current state of the nation’s economy. To this extent, the Association has been reaching and touching lives with the gospel of safety through training, advocacies, campaigns, workshop, and conferences amongst others to see that the nation’s workplace is being revamped and the lives and welfare of the workforce remain paramount.
The training is the second in a row in the collaboration between NAPTIN and the Association; being that NAPTIN understands the importance and value and quality of training being offered by the Association.

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