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OSHAssocition Participated in the National Skills Qualification (NSQ) Certification Programme Supported by World Bank Ideas Project (NBTE)

National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) formerly National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) is a system for the development, classification and recognition of skills, knowledge and competencies acquired by individuals in various fields and industries.

The concept of quality assurance can be traced back to the early industrial era when craftsmen and artisans implemented rudimentary methods to inspect and verify the quality of their products manually. This process involved visual inspection and basic tests to ensure that the products and services met certain standards and criteria.

The programme which was conducted by Major Academy Limited was in line with the directive of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) which took place in the six (6) Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria for the award of Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA) Certification in Health, Safety & Environment and including other areas of industries.

The programme which took seven (7) months was kicked off in January and ended July 2023 in various training centres respectively. Quality Assurance Assessors can play a crucial role in various industries, including Health, Safety and Environment as one of the major skills that affects all industries as regards to accident and injury prevention. Quality Assurance Assessors are not just limited to industrial skills but also extend to service skills such as Health, Safety and Environment.

As a Quality Assurance Assessor in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), a pivotal role is played in ensuring the highest standards of safety, health, and environmental compliance within a particular skill of competency. The primary responsibility of a Quality Assurance Assessor is to assess, monitor, and continuously improve the individual skills and compliance to the standard, policies, and best practices while carrying out a particular task; by applying expertise and standard in the process of carrying out any task.

Health, Safety and Environmental knowledge and skill is highly required in every field and industries; also creates a culture of safety consciousness and foster a sustainable working environment.

Following the rigorous training process and field works carried out by the nominated candidates, it is expected that the certified quality assurance assessors (QAA) from various fields of industries will explore the opportunities of assessing the competency of individuals in various skills and industries.

Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) as one of the leading professional organisation in the field of Health, Safety and Environment nominated candidates across Nigeria to ensure maximum participation in the programme supported by the World Bank Ideas Project NBTE.

Dr. Emmanuel Uwalaka, the Regional Administrator of the OSHA Association Nigeria told the press team that following the high rate of injuries, fatalities and deaths in various industries currently, the Quality Assurance Assessors will do the needful towards ensuring competency of skills of individuals in various fields of industries. He further stated that over fifteen (10) candidates was nominated by OSHA Association and they all successfully passed the assessment and also certified Quality Assurance Assessors.

In view of the above, OSHAssociation is in the forefront of ensuring Nigerians Safety and Health through education, training and certification; including providing supports that creates Zero Incidents at workplaces.

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