In a bid to strengthen collaboration and enhance the safety and well-being of Nigerians, the OSHAssociation UK-Nigeria Region recently paid a courtesy visit to the Federal Capital Territory FCT-Fire Service Headquarters in Abuja. The visit was facilitated by the FCT Fire Service Training Institute.

During the visit, the OSHAssociation delegation, led by Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim -PhD, FOSHA, the Country Regional Administrator, and his Chief of Staff, Mr. Ehimikhau A. Harrison MOSHA, engaged in discussions with Engr. Adebayo Z. A., who is the Acting Director of the FCT Fire Service, as well as Akinnola Segun A., the Training Commandant.

The primary objective of the courtesy visit was to establish a collaborative partnership between OSHAssociation UK-Nigeria Region and the FCT Fire Service. The aim was to work together to improve safety standards and emergency response capabilities in the region.

One of the key areas of collaboration discussed during the meeting was the training of FCT Fire Service personnel. OSHAssociation expressed its willingness to participate in the training programs of the FCT Fire Service, providing expertise and resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of the personnel and to ensure that the fire-fighters are well-equipped  with technical Know- how to handle various emergency situations effectively.

Advocacy, training, and membership were also discussed as areas of mutual interest. OSHAssociation emphasised its commitment to advocating for occupational safety and health standards in Nigeria. The association expressed its willingness to support the FCT Fire Service in raising awareness about safety measures and promoting a culture of safety within the organisation.

Finally, the sustainability of the collaboration was emphasised during the discussions. Both parties acknowledged the importance of long-term cooperation and agreed to establish mechanisms for regular communication and coordination. Through sustained engagement, both Organisation can achieve lasting improvements in best safety practices and emergency response capabilities.

The courtesy visit concluded on a positive note, with both OSHAssociation UK – Nigeria Region and the FCT Fire Service expressing their enthusiasm to work together for the benefit of the Nigerian community, and world at large.

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