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In a bid to promote safety awareness and cultivate a culture of safety for sustainability among the younger generation, the OSHAssociation-UK Nigeria Region Lagos State Chapter recently conducted a Safety Advocacy Programme for 534 students of Queens’ College, Yaba-Lagos.

Building on the success of their previous advocacy initiatives, including the recent programme at Asokoro Community Secondary School in Abuja, which was launched by the Country Regional Administrator, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim -PhD, FOSHA, titled “Catch them Young,” the Lagos State Chapter has followed suit with this initiative. The programme which aim is to install safety consciousness to the younger generation also emphasises on the importance of safety culture for sustainability.

The Safety Advocacy Programme held at Queens’ College was a comprehensive and engaging event. Students from various classes and age groups participated in interactive sessions, workshops, and practical demonstrations.

Engr Laolu Oguntuyi, the Lagos State Chairman led the sessions, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the students. He used innovative teaching methods, incorporating audio-visual aids, demonstrations, and hands-on activities to ensure active participation and understanding.

The students were enthusiastic and receptive, actively engaging in discussions and asking thought-provoking questions. They showed a keen interest in learning about safety practices and understanding how they can contribute to creating a safe environment for themselves, their families, and their communities.

During the program, the importance of a safety culture for sustainability was emphasised. The students were encouraged to adopt safety practices as a way of life and to become safety ambassadors in their respective environments. They were educated on the long-term benefits of integrating safety into their daily routines and the positive impact it can have on society as a whole.

OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region Lagos State Chapter’s Safety Advocacy Programme at Queens’ College, Yaba-Lagos, ended in a resounding success. It does not only equip the students with essential knowledge and skills but also inspired them to take an active role in promoting safety within their communities. By targeting the younger generation, the “Catch them Young” initiative ensures that safety consciousness becomes ingrained in the fabric of society, paving the way for a safer and more sustainable future.

OSHAssociation, Lagos State Chapter, continues to remain committed to its mission of promoting Occupational Safety and Health in Lagos State, and they plan to continue organising similar advocacy programs in schools and communities across the region.

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