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OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region, Kano State Chapter Pays courtesy visit to Saudat Memorial College: For Effective collaboration

  • In a bid to foster effective collaboration and enhance workplace health and safety practices, the OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region, Kano State Chapter recently paid a courtesy visit to Saudat Memorial College in Kano.
  • During the visit, the representatives from OSHAssociation UK, led by Prof. Rabiu Abdussalam Magaji, a distinguished fellow of the Association and also the chairman Sector Skills Council, accompanied by Abdussamad Hassan Sulaiman from OSHAssociation’ Support System Unit, presented a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s mission and activities. The Director of Saudat Memorial College, Alh. Imam Ahmad Zubair, warmly received the delegation and expressed his deep appreciation for the visit.

Recognising the importance of promoting a safe and healthy working environment, Alh. Imam Ahmad Zubair wholeheartedly accepted the call for collaboration with OSHAssociation UK. He emphasised his commitment to partnering and collaborating with the organisation in future programs, demonstrating his dedication to the well-being of the staff and students at Saudat Memorial College.

To ensure the effective implementation of occupational safety and health practices, both parties discussed several areas of collaboration. OSHAssociation UK offered to provide physical and virtual in-house training and retraining sessions for officers and staff at Saudat Memorial College. These training sessions would be aligned with the college’s budget and aimed at promoting positive safety awareness in the workplace.

Additionally, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim PhD, FOSHA, the Country Regional Administrator, in his message expresses his support in developing and reviewing necessary OSH policies and action plans for Saudat Memorial College and Kano State and its environment, and urges all state Chapters of the Federation to follow suit. This collaborative effort would enable the college to establish robust safety protocols and ensure compliance with international standards.

To further reinforce safety measures, OSHAssociation UK proposed conducting facility inspections and reporting at Saudat Memorial College. This initiative would help identify potential hazards and areas for improvement, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all individuals within the college premises.

Moreover, recognising the importance of raising awareness among staff and students, OSHAssociation UK, will organise an awareness and sensitisation program. By educating and empowering individuals with knowledge about occupational safety and health, this program would contribute to the effective implementation of OSH management systems at Saudat Memorial College.

The visit concluded with Alh. Imam Ahmad Zubair expressing his willingness to share the available resources and space at Saudat Memorial College for all OSHAssociation UK activities and programs within the scope of Kano State. This collaborative gesture highlights the college’s commitment to actively participate in promoting workplace health and safety practices.

This step mark a significant milestone in the pursuit of best practices in occupational safety and health in Kano State. The joint efforts of OSHAssociation UK and Saudat Memorial College are expected to contribute to the prevention of workplace fatalities, incidents, illnesses, and injuries, ultimately ensuring the well-being of employees and fostering a safe work environment in various sectors of the economy and society at large.

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