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OSHAssociation UK kick-starts Online Master Class Training on Occupational Safety and Health.

The above is following the massive need for effective safety professionals globally, especially in assisting in arresting the present health crisis (COVID 19) in terms of developing prevention strategies, controlling its threats and creating the required awareness of this health hazards within the workplace and in the society.

In view of the above, Occupational Safety and Health Association United Kingdom (OSHAssociation UK) kick starts their intensive qualification programmes geared towards impacting the existing safety and health professionals and developing individuals with required skills and knowledge to lead in workplaces and the society as Safety and Health Managers, Supervisors and Officers in line with international best practices.

Smith David Neil, Executive Director OSHAssociation UK speaking during the online opening session charged the registered delegates from various nations to take responsibility and exercise leadership towards ensuring quality service delivery for the benefit of industries and humanity at large.

Delegates are currently recieving training from five star trainers from the UK, USA, Belgium, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain; to ensure the appropriate knowledge, skills and HSE strategies are impacted. OSHAssociation is preparing leaders that will initiate and develop strategies for Government institutions and private organisations on COVID 19 Post Health, Safety and Environmental activities, to ensure continuous prevention and improvement to remaining safe and healthy at workplace. After series of days of intensive training on various courses, delegates are expected to take international examination and relevant assessments to earn them international recognised certificates from OSHAssociation UK, which will be verifiable online by any one.

“No doubt, Covid 19 has created serious attention and opportunities on safety and health globally, therefore frontline Health and Safety leaders must be in place to close the gap of creating awareness and prevention and control strategies in the society”, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka said during his training session on Foundation in Occupational Safety and Health, he further stressed that majority of Health and Safety professionals don’t have good foundation on health and safety issues, that is why they cannot provide lasting solutions to health and safety challenges.

Based on the overflow of delegates/students registering for the online course, the management of OSHAssociation is coming up with continuous similar developments for *”HSE International Online Class”* that will sharpen the skills of professionals in the public and private sectors. Therefore, OSHAssociation will be partnering with institutions and organisations from the public and private sectors to train their staff involved with activities of Health, Safety, Security and Environment, as we embark on the development of new occupational health courses on prevention and controls in line with World Health Organisation, International Labour Organisation, and other international best practices by experts.

*Safety View Magazine*

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