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OSHAssociation Pays Courtesy Visit to the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) for Strategic Partnership.

In a significant move to promote safety and elevate standards in Nigeria’s building industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) recently held a fruitful meeting with Dr. Samson Ameh Opaluwah, President of the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON). The courtesy visit, led by the Regional Administrator, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD, FOSHA marked the beginning of a strategic partnership between the two organisations.

During the meeting, the OSHAssociation team was warmly received by Dr. Samson Ameh Opaluwah, who expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with OSHAssociation to enhance safety practices within the building sector. The meeting yielded several highlights and areas of focus for their partnership.

OSHAssociation emphasised the importance of professional Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) training for CORBON members as well as all stakeholders in the building industry. Recognising the vital role that HSE plays in ensuring the well-being of workers and the general public, the association pledges to provide comprehensive HSE training programs to CORBON members, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to create safe working environments.

Furthermore, during the meeting, OSHAssociation extended an invitation to newly inducted CORBON members to join their association. By joining forces, the newly inducted Professionals will gain access to a wider network of safety professionals, resources, and opportunities for professional development, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of safety standards in the building industry.

Also, to foster international exposure and the exchange of best practices, it is paramount that CORBON involve their executives in OSHAssociation’s international events, particularly industry tours. This engagement will offer CORBON executives the chance to witness safety best practices in action, gain insights from global experts, and foster partnerships with international stakeholders, ultimately elevating safety standards in Nigeria’s building industry.

The strategic partnership between OSHAssociation and CORBON will ensure that every builder in the building industry is equipped with the necessary technical know-how and skill required to carry out their work with safety best practices.

As the meeting concluded, representatives from OSHAssociation and CORBON reiterated their commitment to working together to enhance safety practices and protect the lives and well-being of workers and the public within the building industry. The partnership aims to serve as a model for other organisations and stakeholders to prioritise safety, ultimately creating a safer and more sustainable future for Nigeria’s building industry.

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