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OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, Kano State Chapter, Organises Sensitisation Programme, Advocate for Safety Best Practices in the State

In a bid to promote safety best practices and raise awareness about occupational safety and health, OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, Kano State Chapter organised a highly informative sensitisation programme in the State.

The programme which commenced with a comprehensive safety briefing, ensure that all attendees were well-informed and prepared for the day’s proceedings. The welcome address was delivered by Alhaji Imam Ahmed Zubair, Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Kano State Chapter. His inspiring words set the tone for the event, emphasising the importance of safety in every sector including educational institutions and beyond.

Abdusammad Hassan Sulaiman SMOSHA, Admin/Secretary,  Kano State Chapter, gave a brief introduction to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation). His enlightening presentation shed light on the association’s objectives and its commitment to promoting a culture of safety and well-being in workplaces across the state and beyond

The programme continued with thought-provoking speeches from esteemed dignitaries. Notable personalities, shared their insights and experiences with the attendees. Their speeches emphasised the urgent need for robust safety measures and highlighted the association’s role in facilitating a safer working environment.

A key highlight of the event was the impactful presentation delivered by Mahmoud Zubair Imam, the Director of Research and Development at Saadatu Rimi University of Education in Kano State. Mr. Imam’s presentation focused on the theme of “Climate Change and its Effects on Occupational Safety and Health in Nigeria.” He expressively highlighted the far-reaching consequences of climate change on workplace safety, urging participants to actively address these challenges. The interactive nature of the session encouraged lively discussions, diverse contributions, and intriguing questions from the audience.

As the programme drew to a close, Alhaji Imam Ahmed Zubair, Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Kano State Chapter, delivered the closing remarks. Expressing his gratitude to all attendees, he stressed the importance of taking safety matters seriously and implementing best practices in every aspect of life. To capture the spirit of unity and accomplishment, a group photograph was taken, commemorating the memorable occasion.

OSHAssociation Nigeria Region’s sensitisation programme in Kano State was a resounding success, fostering greater awareness about occupational safety and health. The event not only facilitated valuable knowledge sharing but also served as a catalyst for collaborative efforts to enhance safety practices. With such initiatives, Kano State moves closer to creating a safer, more secure working environment for all organisation and industries in the state.


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