The President of the Occupational Safety and Health Association UK – Nigeria Region, HRH. Dr Amb Olusegun Aderemi FOSHA has applauded the bravery shown by Mr Ejiro Agharigho, a tanker driver who on Saturday 10th June, drove a petrol-laden tanker engulfed in flames away from a highly-populated area where the incident occurred to an open field far away from the residential vicinity.

While attesting that the fire would have consumed the area and caused untold damage to lives and properties but for Mr Ejiro’s uncommon fearlessness and promptness in driving away the burning truck not regarding the risk to his life, Dr Aderemi applauded the bravado of the driver adding that such act of Heroism needs to be celebrated and recognised by the nation.

” On behalf of the Occupational Safety and Health Association, I commend
Mr Ejiro for his heroic spectacle and aptness in forestalling a major fire disaster from happening,

” Fire disasters are always catastrophic and this singular act of heroism has saved the nation from what would have become ‘A Black Saturday,” the OSHA president said.

Dr Aderemi also thanked Mr Ejiro for first putting the lives of others before his. To him, this is what humanity is all about.

Furthermore, Dr Aderemi called on all Nigerians to be fire safety conscious at all times and to see fire safety as everyone’s responsibility.

He also advised that fire extinguishers and arresters be made available at all fuel dispensing places and all staff of fuel stations should be acquainted with fire prevention tips.

“This is a time for all stakeholders to consider as a matter of importance and social responsibility to equip public places, such as schools, market places, churches, bus parks, buses, train stations with fire extinguishers and arresters as this will go a long way to ensuring stunted fatalities when disasters arise” . he noted.

The Association’s President also called on all stakeholders to key into the National Safety Advocacy Project (NSAP 2021-2023) as this will ensure that the gospel of safety is not just localised across all sectors of the economy but down to the grassroots level.

The OSHAssociation has remained steadfast to its mission on stunting fatalities, incidents and accidents especially in workplaces through its acidulous advocacy programmes and has remained sothrough its Advocacy programmes such as the NSAP to ensure that the rate of fatalities, accidents and incidents are stunted across board.

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