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OSHAssociation in Collaboration with NWAPDI Trains Nigerian Women on Agro Safety Procedure

4In a proactive move to enhance the safety of women in Nigeria’s agricultural sector, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) recently conducted a comprehensive training on agro-safety procedures for the Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAPDI). The training sessions were held simultaneously in two locations: one in Abuja for the North Central Zone and the other in Lagos for the South West Zone. The training aims to equip female farmers with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of agricultural work safely.

In Abuja, The Workshop started with the arrival of women participants from Various geo political zones, demonstrating the nationwide scope of the initiative. Farmer Omolara Svensson, the National Coordinator of NWAPDI, warmly welcomed all attendees and expressed her gratitude for their presence. In solidarity and support Arc. Kabiru Ibrahim, the National President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), pledged his unwavering support for the women and vowed to stand by them in their endeavors.

Mr. Harrison A. Ehimikhaui MOSHA, the Chief of Staff to the Country Regional Administrator, then took the stage to provide a comprehensive introduction to OSHAssociation and underscore the critical importance of safety in the agricultural sector. He emphasised the need for the women to prioritise safety and make it an integral part of their farming and processing activities.

In an interview, Farmer Omolara Svensson urged the federal government to give attention to the safety and security of women in agriculture, highlighting the importance of the need for such training to be a continuous process and not a one-time programme. She further expressed her heartfelt gratitude to OSHAssociation for their unwavering support and commendable efforts in the safety training. She also conveyed her appreciation to HRH. DR. AMB. Olusegun Aderemi FOSHA, the Regional President of OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, who, though unavoidably absent, sent his affirmation to support the women and encourage them to embrace safety as a paramount concern.

Mr. Ayoola Kolawole, the trainer, delivered a presentation, sharing valuable insights on identifying and mitigating hazards and risks associated with farming and processing. The interactive nature of the session allowed the women to actively participate, sharing their own experiences and seeking clarification on relevant issues concerning their farming activities.

At end of the workshop the women receive their certificates from OSHAssociation for their participation and Mrs. Harirat Ladi Suleiman, the Zonal Coordinator North Central gave her vote of thanks, underscoring the success of the programme and the commitment of all involved to fostering a safer and more sustainable agricultural landscape for Nigerian women.

The Safety training mark a significant stride in empowering female farmers, equipping them with the safety knowledge and confidence to navigate the challenges of their profession while prioritising their own well-being and that of their communities. As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, safety programmes like this will undoubtedly play a crucial role in promoting safety, enhancing productivity, and fostering the resilience of Nigeria’s women farmers.

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