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OSHAssociation Country Regional Administrator Sends New Year Felicitations: Promises Key Strategies to Implement Best Safety Practices in 2024

  • With the arrival of the New Year, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim FOSHA, the OSHAssociation Country Regional Administrator for the Nigeria Region, extends warm greetings and felicitations to colleagues and stakeholders. In a recent message, he expresses his optimism for the upcoming year and outlines crucial strategies to implement the best safety practices in 2024.

First, let us express our gratitude and offer our thanks to the Almighty God, who guided us through the challenges and triumphs of the year 2023 and granted us the opportunity to witness another year. Each New Year serves as a chance to reflect on the past, reposition ourselves, and propel forward into the future.

In his message, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim begins by sincerely appreciating the opportunities and obstacles encountered in the previous year. He also acknowledges those who have passed away and did not make it into the New Year, honoring their memory and emphasising the importance of drawing inspiration from their legacies to achieve even greater accomplishments.

Reflecting on the year 2023,Dr.Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim highlights the Association’s transformative journey and institutional strength, citing the appointment of a new President,HRH.Dr.Amb.Olusegun Aderemi,New Country Regional Administrator,Dr.Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD,FOSHA and the additional of new Members.These significant developments have paved the way for vital initiatives that will ensure the continued success of the Association in the future. Furthermore, a significant agreement has been solidified, underscoring the commitment to becoming a sustainable organisation.

As we celebrate the privilege of entering the year 2024, we must also acknowledge the loss of our brothers and sisters, whether through blood or circumstance, who did not make it into this New Year. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

This year holds particular significance for us, as this message serves as both an appreciation of our historic achievements and a call for greater commitment to building upon those legacies in order to succeed further in fulfilling the OSHAssociation’s mandates.

Looking back at the year 2023, the OSHAssociation – UK, Nigeria Region, witnessed institutional strength and transformation through the appointment of the new President, HRH Dr. Amb. Olusegun Aderemi-FOSHA, the new Country Regional Administrator, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD (Zambia) FOSHA, and the inclusion of new members. These important initiatives guarantee our continued success in the future. Additionally, we reaffirmed our commitment to becoming a sustainable OSHAssociation by finalizing a deal that ensures our status.

Together, we made significant progress toward our strategic goals despite various challenges faced as an institution. We take pride in how swiftly we adapted and addressed new challenges in certain states during the state chapter summit. Your commendable team spirit has been instrumental in this progress.

As we celebrate our achievements, it is crucial to revisit and reaffirm our mission, vowing to do even better in order to establish a stronger positive force and consolidate on past accomplishments. Therefore, the year 2024 is declared an exciting opportunity to work together to solidify the delivery of key strategic priorities outlined in our mandate. We firmly believe that by working smarter and united, we can embark on more initiatives to provide the utmost benefits of safety in the workplace.

In accordance with international best practices, occupational health and safety are advantageous for both workers and employers, as they promote accountability for injuries sustained and foster safety awareness in the workplace. The safety of our employees is of paramount importance, which is why it is essential to establish safety programs across all 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Esteemed professional colleagues, as we prioritise the aforementioned goals, we kindly invite you to recall and reflect upon the following best practices that contribute to improving safety awareness and reducing the risk of incidents and accidents, in line with our established modus operandi. These practices will serve as a guide and inspiration for our collective focus,viz-vz:

a) Emphasise workplace safety.
b) Implement effective methods to improve safety awareness in both the public and private sectors.
c) Enhance Advocacy,Training and membership.
d) Recognise and reward safe behavior.
e) Encourage efficient communication.
f) Demonstrate leadership in the workplace.
g) Display informational signs and images at strategic locations during awareness campaigns.

As we welcome the New Year, let us look ahead with hope to 2024 as a year of progress, where we proudly carry the torch of the OSHAssociation in the interest of ourselves and humanity at large. We extend our personal felicitations to you and your loved ones and express our confidence in each of you fulfilling your respective and essential roles in the work that lies ahead.

Long Live the OSHAssociation – UK!
Long Live the OSHAssociation – Nigeria, Region!

Thank you, and God bless you.
Country Regional Administrator:
Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim, PhD, MISPoN, FOSHA

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