In a tragic and devastating incident that occurred on Monday, two traditional rulers were mercilessly killed by suspected kidnappers in Ekiti State. The monarchs, who were returning to Irele-Ekiti, fell victim to an ambush where they were accosted and fatally shot. The news of this heinous act has sent shockwaves throughout the region, leaving the community and the nation in a state of mourning.

Confirming the heartbreaking incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in Ekiti State acknowledged the killings but stated that details about the incident are still sketchy. The lack of information surrounding the circumstances of the attack only adds to the anguish and raises concerns about the safety and security of traditional rulers and the general public.

Reacting to this tragic event, the OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region Country’s Regional administrator Dr. Aliyù Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD, FOSHA expressed deep sorrow and outrage. In a statement, the administrator emphasised the urgent need for immediate action to address the escalating security challenges in the region. The Administrator highlighted the alarming fact that revered traditional rulers could be assaulted and brutally murdered, indicating a breakdown in the safety and security of communities.

The Regional Administrator further called for enhanced support and resources for security agencies to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities of safeguarding lives and properties. Strengthening the security apparatus and equipping law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools and training are crucial steps in ensuring the protection of citizens and the prevention of such senseless acts.

The OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region, which is committed to promoting occupational safety and health, strongly condemns this heinous act and extends its condolences to the families and communities affected by this tragedy. The organisation calls on relevant authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident, apprehend the perpetrators, and ensure justice is served. Such acts of violence cannot go unpunished, and it is vital that those responsible are held accountable to prevent a recurrence of such tragedies.

The OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region Country Regional Administrator’s reaction underscores the urgent need for the government, security agencies, and communities to work collaboratively to address the root causes of insecurity. By implementing comprehensive measures and strategic interventions, it is possible to restore peace, security, and the confidence of the people in their traditional rulers and institutions.

As Nigeria grapples with the challenges of security, it is imperative for all stakeholders, including the government, security agencies, and communities, to work together to confront the security challenges plaguing various regions and protect the lives and well-being of its citizens. Only through concerted efforts and a united front can Nigeria overcome these security threats and ensure a safer future for all.


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