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OSHAssociation Conducted Professional Certification Training for Staff of Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has made a big step in its proactive endeavor to ensure the health of its workers and foster a safe working environment by setting up professional certification training for its officers that is centered on Safety and Health.

Leading specialists from the occupational safety and health association (OSHAssociation) oversaw the training course, which was designed to give Ministry personnel the skills and information they need to reduce risks, avoid accidents and successfully manage emergencies.

A wide range of topics was covered ranging from identifying potential risk in the work place, setting up measures to prevent accidents and injuries as well-tailoring training modules to address the unique safety concerns of different departments within the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry’s initiative to invest in professional certification training reflects its commitment to prioritize the safety and health of its officers. By ensuring that employees are well-informed and adequately trained, the Ministry aims to create a safer and healthier work environment, fostering increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

In a statement, the Minister of Finance expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the officers. He emphasized that the ministry places the highest importance on the Safety and Well-being of its employees and is committed to providing all necessary resources to achieve this goal.

The certification training program was met with positive Feedback from the officers who participated, with many expressing gratitude for the Ministry’s efforts to invest in their personal and professional development.

As the Ministry of Finance continues to set an example of prioritizing employee safety and health, other government institutions and private organizations are expected to follow suit, creating a more conscious and responsible approach towards workforce well-being across the nation.

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