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OSHAssociation Conduct Awareness Program for Staff of the Special Assistant to the President on Special needs and Equal Opportunities

In its quest to prioritise workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation), recently conducted an awareness and sensitisation programme for the staff of the Special Assistant to the President on Special Needs and Equal Opportunities. The programme aimed to enhance safety awareness and promote inclusive practices within the workplace.

The initiative was part of OSHAssociation’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of all individuals, including those with special needs, and advocating for equal opportunities in the workplace. By conducting the program, the association sought to equip the staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

During the program, the Country Regional Administrator, Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD FOSHA, represented by his Chief of Staff, Mr. Harrison A. Ehimikhuai MOSHA, engaged the participants in interactive sessions and presentations. He addressed various aspects of safety, including hazard identification and control, emergency preparedness, and evacuation procedures for individuals with disabilities. The sessions also focused on fostering a safe and healthy workplace culture that promotes equal opportunities for all employees.

The programme provided an opportunity for the participants to actively engage in discussions, ask questions, share their experiences and concerns related to safety and inclusivity in their daily activities. It facilitated open and inclusive conversations, encouraging a collaborative approach to address any existing challenges and identify areas for improvement.

Hon. Mohammed Abba Isa, the Special Assistant to the President on Special Needs and Equal Opportunities, expressed his appreciation to OSHAssociation Nigeria Region for conducting the awareness programme. Recognising the importance of creating an inclusive work environment, the Special Assistant emphasised the need for continuous efforts to ensure the safety, well-being, and equal participation of all staff members working with or without disability.

OSHAssociation’s initiative to conduct the awareness programme aligns with its mission to foster best safety culture, inclusivity, and equal opportunities in workplaces across various sectors. By equipping the staff of the Special Assistant’s office with the necessary knowledge and skills, the association’s aim,is to promote a safer workplace environment that respects and accommodates the needs of all individuals.

By conducting the awareness programme, OSHAssociation is actively contributing to the advancement of safety and equal opportunities for individuals with special needs. The association’s dedication to promoting inclusivity in the workplace reflects their commitment to creating a society where all individuals can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

As OSHAssociation continues its efforts to enhance safety practices and promote inclusivity, the awareness program for the staff of the Special Assistant to the President on Special Needs and Equal Opportunities serves as a significant step toward building safer and more inclusive workplaces in line with it objectives.

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