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OSHAssociation Commend Firefighters During Seminar Organised by FCT Fire Service, Urges Them to Remain Proactive in Safeguarding Lives

The FCT Fire Service organised a groundbreaking event to commemorate World Safety Day and celebrate Firefighters Day 2024. The gathering successfully attracted dignitaries from various government agencies and parastatals, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and unwavering dedication to the principles of occupational safety and health.

The seminar kicked off with a warm Welcome Address delivered by the Acting Director of the FCT Fire Service, Engr. Adebayo Zacchaeus Amiola. His words set the tone for an important discussion on the significance of health, safety, and the invaluable role of firefighters in protecting lives.

Adding to the prestige of the occasion, OSHAssociation, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting occupational safety and health globally, had five esteemed fellows in attendance. Their presence underscored the association’s unwavering commitment to advocating for safety best practices and raising awareness.

OSHAssociation emphasised the significance of fostering a culture of safety and maintaining a proactive approach in safeguarding lives. They stressed the importance of regular risk assessments, comprehensive safety plans, and ongoing training programs for firefighters.

The organisation also underscored the need to involve the wider community in promoting safety awareness and encouraging responsible behavior.

During the event, Messages of goodwill were conveyed by distinguished individuals, including the Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) represented by Arch Hassan Musa, the Director of the FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) represented by Mrs Florence Wenegieme, Director, representative from Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and Dr. Dalhatu Muhammed, the Chairman, Council of Fellows of OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region.

The event’s keynote address was delivered by Hon. Felix Amechi Obuah (DSSRS), the Chief Host and Co-Ordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC). Although unavoidably absent, he was represented by the Acting Director of the FCT Fire Service, Engr. Adebayo Zacchaeus Amiola, who eloquently emphasised the importance of health, safety, and firefighters in serving the public.

Throughout the seminar, various presentations tackled crucial topics such as the significance of health and safety, public-private partnerships in elevating the fire service, and the impact of laughter as a therapeutic tool. One particular highlight was the passionate presentation by Dr. Comfort Adeosun (FOSHA), Director Welfare Unit, Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHSCF). Dr. Adeosun fervently discussed ergonomics and workplace safety, shedding light on the crucial aspects of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Adding a touch of excitement to the event, firefighters showcased their skills through a captivating theatrical performance. The display not only highlighted safety protocols but also demonstrated the coordinated techniques employed in firefighting, leaving the audience in amazement.

As the seminar drew to a close, a heartfelt vote of thanks was delivered by DC Kayode John, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their presence and active participation. He also encouraged everyone to remain vigilant in safeguarding lives.

To commemorate the successful gathering, group photographs were taken, capturing the shared commitment and dedication of all those present to the cause of health, safety, and honoring the heroic efforts of firefighters.

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