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OSHAssociation Commences Bi-Annual Safety Awareness and Sensitisation at APDC Residential Capital Estate in Abuja.

OSHAssociation, an academic and professional organisation globally recognised for promoting occupational safety and health, has officially launched its bi-annual Safety Awareness and Sensitisation program at Abuja Property Development Company (APDC) Capital Estate, a prestigious residential estate located in Abuja. This comprehensive initiative includes a rigorous risk assessment evaluation conducted in collaboration with all staff members across various departments within the estate.

The commencement of the Safety Awareness and Sensitisation program in 2024 marks a significant milestone in APDC Capital Estate’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. Their partnership with OSHAssociation aims to create a culture of heightened safety consciousness and proactive risk management.

The program will encompass a series of activities designed to enhance safety awareness and empower the Residence members to identify and mitigate potential risks effectively. As part of the initiative, all staff members from different departments actively participated in the risk assessment evaluation. This inclusive approach ensures that safety considerations are integrated into every aspect of estate operations, including maintenance, security, and administrative procedures.

The risk assessment evaluation, led by OSHAssociation experts and the Country Regional Administrator, involved a meticulous examination of potential hazards within the estate. This evaluation encompasses various areas, such as fire safety, electrical hazards, security protocols, emergency preparedness, and other factors that could impact the well-being of residents. By conducting a thorough assessment, APDC Capital Estate strives to implement targeted measures to minimize risks and create a secure living environment.

OSHAssociation, with its wealth of knowledge and experience, provides valuable guidance throughout the activities and also equips the staff members with the necessary skills and knowledge to address safety concerns effectively, ensuring that all employees play an active role in maintaining a safe and secure residential estate.

The bi-annual nature of the activity reflects APDC Capital Estate’s commitment to ongoing safety improvement. By conducting regular safety assessments and sensitisation initiatives, the estate management remains proactive in identifying emerging risks and implementing appropriate preventive measures. This approach ensures that safety protocols evolve in line with changing circumstances and industry best practices.

Residents of APDC Capital Estate can expect to benefit from the Safety Awareness and Sensitisation activities as it progresses. The implementation of enhanced safety measures resulting from the risk assessment evaluation will significantly contribute to a secure and comfortable living environment for all residents.

As the annual Safety Awareness and Sensitization program gets underway, OSHAssociation and APDC Capital Estate remain dedicated to upholding the highest safety standards and promoting a proactive approach to risk management. Together, they set a commendable example for other residential estates in Abuja and beyond.

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