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OSHAssociation, a prominent organisation dedicated to promoting occupational health and safety globally, recently participated in a specialised capacity building and training programme organised by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation. The objective of the training was to enhance the department’s expertise in occupational health, safety, and environment, enabling the successful implementation of the 2024 work plan.

During the event, OSHAssociation’s Nigeria Region, represented by Country Regional Administrator, accompanied by Top Members of Snr. Staff, was invited to participate and deliver a lecture on Hazards and Risk Assessment: (In incident Reporting and Near- misses. The presence of OSHAssociation added color and significant value to the event, emphasising the importance of prioritising occupational health and safety in both the public and private sectors.

Dr. Comfort Adeosun, (FOSHA), the Director over-seeing Permanent Secretary, Service Welfare Office (SWO), emphasised the importance of the training for the attending officers. By encouraging them to take the programme seriously, she ensured that they understood the significance of incorporating safety best practices into their everyday work routines. She also highlighted that the knowledge gained during the training would not only benefit their workplaces but also extend to their homes, fostering a culture of safety in all aspects of their lives.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD, (FOSHA), the Country Regional Administrator of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation UK) Nigeria Region, played a pivotal role in the training programme. His vibrant teaching style and expertise in hazard and risk assessment left a lasting impact on the officers. Through his instruction, he provided comprehensive guidance on identifying potential hazards, evaluating risks, and implementing appropriate mitigation measures. By imparting this knowledge, he aimed to empower the officers to proactively assess their work environments and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

The collaboration between the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and OSHAssociation exemplified a commitment to improving occupational health and safety best practices in Nigeria. By organising such a specialised training programme, the government demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to safeguarding the well-being of employees across various sectors.

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