In a recent development, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) UK Nigeria Region has raised concerns to airline operators regarding potential lapses in aircraft maintenance. The Association, known for its commitment to promoting safety and well-being in various industries, including the aviation sector, has highlighted the importance of rigorous inspections and tests that cover all aspect of the aircraft including its engines, avionics, structure, and systems to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members.

The cautionary remarks from OSHAssociation come in the wake of an incident involving one of Dana Air’s aircraft with registration number 5N BKI at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. Dana Air confirmed reports of a runway incursion during the aircraft’s landing attempt after flying from Abuja to Lagos. No injuries were sustained by the 83 passengers and crew on board.

OSHAssociation emphasised the crucial role of proper aircraft maintenance in preventing accidents, incidents, and technical malfunctions that can compromise flight safety. The Association urged airline operators to prioritise maintenance procedures and adhere to safety regulations and guidelines. They expressed concerns about recent incidents and accidents that suggest potential lapses in maintenance protocols within the aviation industry.

To address these concerns, OSHAssociation recommended several measures to airline operators. Firstly, strict compliance to safety regulations by aviation authorities. These regulations should provide comprehensive guidelines for aircraft maintenance, ensuring timely inspections, repairs, and servicing.

Secondly, OSHAssociation encourage airline operators to conduct regular training of maintenance personnel. Properly trained and certified technicians are better equipped to identify potential issues, perform maintenance tasks correctly, and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Thirdly, the Association emphasised the importance of establishing effective accident report and near misses. Airlines should encourage maintenance personnel to promptly report any irregularities or concerns encountered during their work, and thorough analysis can help identify patterns or recurring issues, enabling proactive solutions.

Lastly, OSHAssociation urged airline operators to foster a culture of continuous improvement in their maintenance processes. Regularly reviewing and updating maintenance procedures based on industry developments and lessons learned from incidents can significantly enhance safety standards.

OSHAssociation’s cautionary statement serves as a reminder to airline operators to prioritise aircraft maintenance as an integral part of their operations. Aviation authorities are encouraged to collaborate closely with OSHAssociation to address the concerns raised and implement necessary safety measures to enhance flight maintenance practices across the industry; to ensure safety of passengers.


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