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OSHAssociation Advocates for Enhanced Safety Measures during Courtesy Visit to Federal Ministry of Works and Housing

OSHAssociation, a leading organisation in the field of occupational safety and health, recently paid a courtesy visit to the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. In attendance were Dr.Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD,FOSHA, the Country Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation Nigeria region, accompanied by his Chief of Staff and other Key Departmental Staff from the Association. They were warmly received by Engr. Bature E. Maikeffi, FNSE, the Deputy Director of Safety and Implementation, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.

The primary focus of the visit was to engage in an interactive session and discuss various health and safety issues and technical know-how. One of the key topics raised during the discussion was the importance of effective signage, firefighting drills, ergonomics, and Hazard Identification (HAZID), particularly in the construction sector. Engr. Bature E. Maikeffi, FNSE, highlighted the alarming rate of accidents, injuries, and property damage in the industry, underscoring the urgent need for improved safety measures. He expressed a keen interest in collaborating with OSHAssociation to facilitate training programs and encourage participation in OSHAssociation events.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD, FOSHA, also made valuable contributions during the session, emphasising the significance of staff training for ensuring both safety and productivity. Recognising that well-trained employees are essential for maintaining a secure work environment, he emphasised the need for comprehensive training initiatives. By equipping workers with the necessary knowledge and skills, organisations can enhance safety protocols and reduce the occurrence of workplace accidents.

The courtesy visit provided OSHAssociation with an important platform to engage with key stakeholders in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. The organisation’s representatives effectively conveyed their commitment to promoting and enhanced safety measures across various sectors. Through advocating for robust safety protocols, fostering collaboration with relevant organisations, and emphasising the importance of training, OSHAssociation aims to foster safer working environments and mitigate occupational hazards throughout Nigeria and World at large.

By leveraging their expertise and partnership with governmental entities, OSHAssociation strives to drive positive change in the realm of occupational safety and health, ultimately ensuring the well-being and protection of workers across the nation.

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