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Management of OSHAssociation Pays Courtsey Visit to Community Staff Secondary School Asokoro, Extending Safety Consciousness to Younger Generation

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation UK) Nigeria Rgion, recently made a significant stride in promoting safety awareness among the younger generation by paying a courtesy visit to Community Staff Secondary School in Asokoro, Abuja. This initiative aimed to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to prioritise safety in their daily lives.

The purpose of the visit was to sensitise the school on the importance of safety and to install a culture of safety consciousness among staff and students. OSHAssociation representatives held a meeting with Alh. Saidu Ahmed, the principal, to discuss the significance of implementing robust safety measures within the school premises.

The Principal of Community Staff Secondary School expressed gratitude to OSHAssociation for their visit and their commitment to promoting safety among staff and students. Recognising the importance of integrating safety education into the school’s curriculum, the Principal emphasised the need for continued efforts to ensure that safety remains a top priority.

OSHAssociation’s visit to Community Staff Secondary School is part of its wider initiative to extend safety education to educational institutions across the country (the programme tagged “Catch them Young). By engaging directly with students, the association hopes to create a safety-conscious generation that understands the significance of taking proactive measures to protect themselves and others.

The visit also served as an opportunity for OSHAssociation to establish a long-term partnership with the school. As part of this collaboration, the association plans to provide ongoing guidance, resources, and support to help the school maintain a safe and secure environment for its students and staff.

OSHAssociation’s efforts to extend safety awareness to the younger generation align with their mission to foster a culture of safety best practices and well-being. By targeting schools and engaging with students at an early age, the visit is aimed to create a lasting impact that extends beyond the educational setting and into their future endeavors.

As OSHAssociation continues its work in promoting safety and health practices, their visit to Community Staff Secondary School Asokoro marks an important step in building a safer and more secure society in Abuja and the nation as a whole.

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