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The goal of OSHAssociation is to provide all members with every resources that will enhance their OSH&E performance in the industry and improve business best practices. Membership is an investment with lots of benefits:

We are always ready to help our members manage health, safety and environmental risks in a sensible, proportionate and effective way to protect employees, businesses and reputation. We seek the support of every member to achieve the mandate for a safer and healthier workplace.

BUILD YOUR REPUTATION – Display your membership certificate and logo on your website, literature and tender documents as well.

Attend our seminars and conferences, international and local events and improve on your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification with 30% discount for all events.

Read latest news and learn of new developments with our international magazine- Safety View Magazine, displaying global news updates. Subscribe to our discounted professional development programs on Health and Safety via classroom setting or e-learning. Members get discounts on selected products and services including the International OSH&E Awards and Recognitions.

Get unlimited access to our 24/7 information online and regular updates on legislation changes with Safety Tools and templates package. Access tools and templates for the management of OSH&E in the workplace. Get monthly themed guides and posters to use as part of your internal communications, induction and trainings in workplaces.

Multi-year Membership is available for one, two or three years. Get a 5% discount for a two year membership, a 10% discount for a three year membership. Multi-site Discounts are applicable to corporate membership.

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