Director-General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph N. Ari has been bestowed with an Honorary Fellowship Award by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) UK.

OSHAssociation during the presentation ceremony of the Award in the United Kingdom, said it was in appreciation of the Director General’s invaluable contributions to entrenching occupational health and safety in the Fund, and ensuring that all contributing employers adhere to occupational health and safety standards.

In his acceptance speech, the ITF DG, Sir Joseph N. Ari, expressed delight and appreciated the Association for the award, noting that as the foremost human capacity development organisation in Nigeria, the Fund is charged with the responsibility of setting and maintaining training standards in all sectors of the economy, and monitor adherence among other responsibilities.

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He further said; “In the discharge of our mandate, the ITF has over the years implemented several training programmes in occupational health and safety for both staff of the Fund and our stakeholders. It was in recognition of the important place of occupational health and safety in organisations that the ITF made it a key criterion for granting training reimbursement to contributing employers.

“This is aimed at encouraging employers of labour to carry out safety training and adhere to safety protocols in their various organisations.

“I feel greatly delighted and honoured”, he continued, “to have been conferred with the award of an Honorary Fellow of this great Association. This is not only a rare privilege but an encouragement to do more,” he said.

Ari, who noted that the Year 2022 is a good year for the ITF in terms of awards received and the achievements that have been recorded despite the difficult operational environment, said that the Fund is committed more than ever before to the full actualisation of its mandate for overall economic and industrial growth of Nigeria in line with the vision of the Federal Government.

Earlier in the year, the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) presented the ITF DG with an Award of Excellence for Exceptional Contribution to Human Resource Development.




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