International Safety Compliant Awards 2022

For Patients and Families

International Safety Compliant Awards 2022

Every year OSHAssociation UK celebrates Health and Safety Excellence across all industries globally.

The International Safety Compliant Awards 2022 is in recognition of organisations who are totally committed and hardworking to keep their employees and workplaces free of injury and ill health.

We are celebrating organisations for their outstanding safety performance and to inspire others to do the same; also encourage other organizations to improve its safety performance. These are the organisation that deserves recognition for their efforts in Occupational Safety and Health.

These awards exist to showcase safety creativity, zero incidents, effectiveness, effective performance, thought-leadership, innovation, culture and values. In turn recognising your outstanding safety achievements and providing a platform to promote your organisation.

Benefits of OSHAssociation UK Awards

  • Celebrating your Safety Performance – The Awards is about recognising and celebrating organisation with Zero – Incidents at workplace.

  • Encourage creative, innovative thinking – The Awards will encourage the team to remain focus, motivated and reflect on the overall goal. An opportunity to reflect on what was achieved and to set aspirations for the future

  • Enhance staff morale – If you are awarded, celebrated and recognised by OSHAssociation UK or bag an award of merit, employee motivation will reach unprecedented levels.

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