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Federal Ministry of Finance Meet with OSHAssociation New Country Regional Administrator: Prioritising Workplace Safety

Enhancing the well-being of workers in its workforce is important in maximising productivity; hence, the Federal Ministry of Finance recently held a crucial meeting with Dr.Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim-PhD FOSHA, the newly appointed Country Regional Administrator of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation UK) Nigeria Region. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Finance Headquarters, was attended by Nurudeen A. Ibrahim, head of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Desk Unit, other staff of the Federal Ministry of Finance and representatives from OSHAssociation.

The meeting provided a platform to discuss strategies and initiatives that aimed at enhancing safety standards in the workplace. Recognising the importance of a safe and secure working environment, the Director of Human Resources, Olusola Dada O. Tinuola, proposed an extensive training programme for the Ministry’s staff. This programme will cover a wide range of essential topics, including safety and health protocols, ergonomics, mental health, nutrition, and office safety encompassing hazard identification and risk assessment.

The Federal Ministry of Finance is keen to equip its workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to prevent workplace accidents, promote employee well-being, and foster a culture of safety. As such, the proposed training program will be conducted to ensure a comprehensive understanding of workplace safety practices. The Ministry aims to create an environment where employees can thrive and perform optimally, free from potential hazards.

Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim, in his role as the new Country Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation UK Nigeria Region, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance. He emphasised the association’s dedication to promoting best practices, providing training opportunities, and raising awareness about occupational safety and health across Nigeria. Dr. Ibrahim affirmed his commitment to working closely with the ministry to develop tailored training programs that suit the specific needs of their staff.

The Federal Ministry of Finance’s emphasis on workplace safety reflects its unwavering dedication to the well-being of its employees. By investing in comprehensive training programs covering a wide array of safety-related topics, the Ministry aims to foster a safer and healthier work environment. This initiative is expected to enhance employee satisfaction and increase productivity and efficiency.

By prioritising workplace Safety and Health, the Federal Ministry of Finance sets an exemplary standard for other organisations. This collaboration with OSHAssociation demonstrates the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring a secure and conducive work environment for its staff, ultimately fostering a culture of safety and excellence.

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