The OSHA Association Annual National OSH Training Workshop is to enable your employees to build capacities in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and to foster collaboration between the major stakeholders from various sectors towards driving and Practicing Injury Prevention at workplace.


This training workshop will help employees to understand the new approved practices, regulations, policies and safety expectations within their work environment in line with government policies and regulations. Safety and health training is crucial for workers to gain a solid knowledge of hazards and risks associated with their jobs. Providing workers with the latest safety knowledge and skills that can help protect them from work-related injuries, diseases, and deaths.

The National OSH Workshop 2023 also comes with membership investiture. This makes it easy for members and intending members of the Association to participate.

You can use the links below to register for the workshop or as a member.

For Workshop Participation
For membership

The event has been scheduled as follows:

Date:               Thursday 31st August 2023     

Venue:             Conference Hall, Raw Materials Research and Dev. Council (RMRDC), Maitama Abuja

Time:               9: 30am

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