FG Partners OSHAssociation for Safety Capacity Building in the Civil Service

Understanding the need to improve the Capacity of Public servants, The Federal Government recently collaborated with the Occupational Safety and Health Association – Nigeria region to train and develop the capacity of some of its officers on Health, Safety and Environmental best practices in workplaces.

This collaboration is the FG intervention towards improving the welfare of civil servants in terms of occupational safety and health in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Recall that the FG recently released a circular to MDAs mandating them to establish OSH desk offices and also deploy desk officers to man the desk.  According to the circular, these officers would undergo training to get them equipped with the fundamental knowledge to understand the roles they ought to play in their organisations.

Premiering this mandate, officers from the Office of the Head of civil service of the Federation underwent a three (3) days intensive Professional Training and Certification on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE level 1,2 & 3- Supervisor Course) conducted by the training department of OSHAssociation.

Charging the officers, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (HOCSF), Folasade Yemi-Esan, noted that the training is a power step premiering the circular that will bring a revamp to the welfare and working operations of public servants in the country.

Represented by the Director, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Department, Dr Comfort Adeosun, The HOCSF called on the Officers to take the training serious as all knowledge gained will trickle down towards ensuring safety and best practices in their workplaces as well as their homes. According to her, safety was becoming an emergency issue hence all hands must come on deck to revamp the public sector and ensure that public servants are safe when they carry out their respective duties.

Declaring the event open, The Region President of OSHAssociation –Nigeria Region HRH, Dr, Amb. Olusegun Aderemi FOSHA appreciated the Office of the HOSCF for finding in the Association a competent and professional training institution to be the driver of this mega project.

Represented by the Chairman Council of Fellows, Dr Dalhatu Moohammed FOSHA declared the willingness of the Association to utilize its training centres across the country to train and improve the capacity of public servants across all sectors of the economy.

“Safety is our life, and we are ever ready to deploy our network to see that Safety is being localized extensively in the country,” he said.

The public servants were trained in several courses including Workplace Health and Safety, Fire safety and prevention, and Foundation in Occupational Safety and Health among others.

OSHAssociation remains resolute to stunting fatalities, accidents and incidents in the country and will continue to deploy any means possible including advocacy campaigns, workshops, and training amongst others to bring a revamp as far as OSH best practices are concerned in the country.


Understanding the need to enforce Occupational Health and Safety best practices across all sectors of the economy, the Federal Government recently directed MDAs to establish desk offices to attend to such issues.
The Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (CSF), Folasade Yemi-Esan, disclosed this on Thursday during the OSH National Workshop which was held at the conference Hall of the Raw Material Research and Development Council, Maitama, Abuja.

The Workshop with the theme “Safety and Security Knowledge: The Key to Saving Lives, assembles critical stakeholders from both the Public and the Concerned Private Sector.Yemi-Esan, who was represented by the Director, of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Department, Dr Comfort Adeosun, noted that safety was becoming an emergency issue.

While disclosing that a circular was issued to MDAs mandating them to establish desk offices and officers to man them, adding that the desk officers would be trained to know the roles they ought to play in their organisations, Yemi-Esan explained that “the head of the service is concerned about improving the welfare of civil servants and we expect that the private sector will also come on board to ensure that workers are safe. She nonetheless assured the citizenry of her office’s resolve  to concretise its partnership with OSHAssociation to secure a healthy working environment for civil servants.

Declaring the event open, the Minister of Women Affairs Dame Pauli Talen FOSHA noted that safety is paramount as its implementation will go a long way in preventing and addressing violence against women and girls which according to her should be a key part of the national response plan to nation’s unity.
Represented by Ms Gloria Ekanem, the women’s Minister noted that Safety Knowledge aligns with fundamental human rights and remains key to understanding interpersonal relationships. how to treat others.
Speaking at the event, Prof. Rabiu Magaji, the Chairman of the National Safety Advocacy Programme (NSAP) in his presentation titled “Best Practices for the Establishment of OSH in the Public Sector: Prospects, Challenges and Way Forward.

He asserted that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) says more than 6,500 people around the world die every day of work-related illnesses and over 1,000 people a day from occupational accidents.
According to him, these accidents result in financial losses such as direct and indirect costs of reconstruction, recovery and reconversion of industrial sites; production interruptions; lost working time; workers’ compensation payments, among others. He added that “apart from these economic costs, there are intangible costs arising from immense human emotional and physical suffering and work-related stress for individual workers and their families.
“The environmental impacts of industrial hazards do not recognise borders, and their repercussions spread from local to national, regional and international levels. “Occupational accidents and diseases cause dreadful human pain and suffering, as well as important economic losses, yet awareness of the problem is still too low”, he said.

The Delegate was also enlightened on diverse Health and Safety Issues including Safety and Security Knowledge in the workplace, Professional Financial Safety intelligence, Crime factors, and Prevention and Control Strategies.
Topping the event was the conferment of Fellowship to 15 prominent individuals in recognition of their immense contribution towards the implementation of Safety best practices in their different areas of influence alongside the induction of 5 organisations as corporate members of the Association. A total of 26 individuals were also inducted as Members of the association in different categories.

OSHAssociation has since its inception remained resolute to the mandate of stunting Fatalities, Accidents and Incidence across all sectors of the economy through its diverse advocacy campaigns such as workshops, and training programs among others all to see that the level of Safety Consciousness of Nigerians improves across the board.



The President of the Occupational Safety and Health Association UK – Nigeria Region, HRH. Dr Amb Olusegun Aderemi FOSHA has applauded the bravery shown by Mr Ejiro Agharigho, a tanker driver who on Saturday 10th June, drove a petrol-laden tanker engulfed in flames away from a highly-populated area where the incident occurred to an open field far away from the residential vicinity.

While attesting that the fire would have consumed the area and caused untold damage to lives and properties but for Mr Ejiro’s uncommon fearlessness and promptness in driving away the burning truck not regarding the risk to his life, Dr Aderemi applauded the bravado of the driver adding that such act of Heroism needs to be celebrated and recognised by the nation.

” On behalf of the Occupational Safety and Health Association, I commend
Mr Ejiro for his heroic spectacle and aptness in forestalling a major fire disaster from happening,

” Fire disasters are always catastrophic and this singular act of heroism has saved the nation from what would have become ‘A Black Saturday,” the OSHA president said.

Dr Aderemi also thanked Mr Ejiro for first putting the lives of others before his. To him, this is what humanity is all about.

Furthermore, Dr Aderemi called on all Nigerians to be fire safety conscious at all times and to see fire safety as everyone’s responsibility.

He also advised that fire extinguishers and arresters be made available at all fuel dispensing places and all staff of fuel stations should be acquainted with fire prevention tips.

“This is a time for all stakeholders to consider as a matter of importance and social responsibility to equip public places, such as schools, market places, churches, bus parks, buses, train stations with fire extinguishers and arresters as this will go a long way to ensuring stunted fatalities when disasters arise” . he noted.

The Association’s President also called on all stakeholders to key into the National Safety Advocacy Project (NSAP 2021-2023) as this will ensure that the gospel of safety is not just localised across all sectors of the economy but down to the grassroots level.

The OSHAssociation has remained steadfast to its mission on stunting fatalities, incidents and accidents especially in workplaces through its acidulous advocacy programmes and has remained sothrough its Advocacy programmes such as the NSAP to ensure that the rate of fatalities, accidents and incidents are stunted across board.

OSHA Association For Occupational Safety And Health Of Nigeria (OSHAssociation) Hosts Safety-Related Organisations To Drive Health, Safety And Environment (HSE) Sector Skills Council (SSC) In Nigeria

OSHA Association For Occupational Safety And Health Of Nigeria (OSHAssociation) Hosts Safety-Related Organisations To Drive Health, Safety And Environment (HSE) Sector Skills Council (SSC) In Nigeria

As part of its efforts to enhance Occupational Safety and Health Education in Nigeria while still driving proactive awareness in the area of Health, Safety, Security and Environment across all sectors of the economy, OSHA Association for Occupational Safety and Health of Nigeria as mandated by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has hosted HSE related organisations in a bid to pilot the formation of Sector Skills Council for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Nigeria in line with the provisions enshrined in the Nigerian Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The meeting was held at the Enterprise Technology Center, Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja recently.

The meeting with the theme: “Sector Skills Council (SSC) Members Meeting for Health, Safety and Environment” brought together stakeholders from several HSE related organisations such as Nigerian Environmental Society, Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON), Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Navy amongst others; including other delegates who joined the meeting via the Online OSHA ZOOM PLATFORM.

The opening remarks were made by the Regional President of OSHA Association, HRH Dr. Amb. Aderemi Olusegun who enjoined the delegates to take the formation of the Sector Skills Council (SSC) on HSE seriously as it is in the best interest of the general public and the Nigerian Economy. He further appreciated the commitment of the members who attended the last inaugural meeting held on 9th September 2021. He further assured all stakeholders the need to work together to develop the safety consciousness of Nigerians in various sectors, so as to reduce the high rates of injuries and deaths at workplaces.


Speaking on the need to enhance safety in all sectors, while explaining the role of OSHA Association in the delivery of HSE programmes, Prof. Rabiu AbduSSALAM Magaji as the HSE SSC team lead and the Chairman of the OSHA National Safety Advocacy Project (NSAP, 2021-2023) disclosed that the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE), which is the board spearheading all technical education has shown serious interest in inculcating HSE SSC into the NSQF.
While explaining the conditions and requirements of establishing Sector Skills Council, Prof. Magaji affirmed that the NBTE has mandated OSHA Association to work closely with all the HSE related organisations and NGOs to ensure successful coordination and the formation of the HSE SSC. He further encouraged the stakeholders to be part of the success train of the HSE SSC formation for the benefit of Nigerians.

Similarly, The Regional Administrator of OSHA Association, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka enjoined the stakeholders, especially delegates from the private sectors to key in as they represent their Organizations so that they make it possible for the members of this meeting meet the requirements of the formation of the SSC as enshrined in the NSQF.

Meanwhile, the Registrar of the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Mr. Benson Adam Otite, stated the need for all critical stakeholders to play their roles in the formation of the SSC and in the pursuit of HSE development in Nigeria. He however noted that for the benefit of professionalism and upcoming professionals all hands must be on deck to ensure that HSE is taken to the grassroots. He advised that International standards can be domesticated to drive HSE in Nigeria.

Similarly, Mrs Uwemedino O., representative of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), applauded OSHA Association for organizing the stakeholders meeting because HSE issues are not properly developed in the Country even though it cuts across all sectors of industries and sectors of the Nigerian economy. She also reiterated that SON is available for partnership and to support in the development of the new HSE SSC.

The meeting came to conclusion with networking and photography of delegates; while the next meeting will be scheduled as the need arises.



For more information, visit www.nigeria.oshassociation.org  or email: nigeria@oshassociation.org


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