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BREAKING NEWS: OSHAssociation Nigeria Region Appoints New Country Regional Administrator – Tasked Members to Remain Proactive in Safety Promotion

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) Nigeria Region has announced the appointment of Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim; the new Country Regional Administrator (CRA) is to spearhead its administrative efforts in promoting Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) awareness and advocacy in Nigeria; to ensure effective safety best practices across various organisations and industries in the region.

Dr Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim from the FCT Chapter of the Association is a seasoned safety professional with extensive experience in the field of Health, Safety, Environment. He holds solid background in occupational safety and health, he is well-equipped to lead OSHAssociation’s initiatives in Nigeria and drive the organisation’s mission of ensuring that safety is integrated in every sector and organisation in the Nigeria region.

He is a safety specialist with over 16 years of cumulative experience with various skills and knowledge within his profession; he has demonstrated expertise in multiple areas, including Quality Environmental Management System (QEMS) LEAD Auditor, Certified Health and Safety Trainer, QHSE Policy Review Specialist, Researcher, Environmental Sustainability Auditor, Coaching and Mentoring Expert, Fire Safety Risk Assessment Specialist, a renowned leader in the health and safety sector.

As the Country’s Regional Administrator, he will oversee the implementation of the various existing safety programmes and activities from the previous administration, foster collaboration with industry stakeholders, and advocate for the adoption of safety best practices in emerging industries in line with the current government. His primary focus is to encourage OSHAssociation members to actively engage in safety promotion activities and raise awareness about the importance of creating a secure working environment to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

In his new role, he will work closely with OSHAssociation’s leadership team and its members to develop targeted strategies that address specific safety challenges faced by different industries in Nigeria. By leveraging his expertise, he aims to enhance the organisation’s impact in reducing workplace accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases and prevent the loss of lives (death) and properties in the region.

Speaking about his appointment, Dr Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to promoting safety awareness in Nigeria, stating, “Safety is a collective responsibility”, and it is crucial for every member of the organisation to actively participate in creating a culture of safety in their respective workplaces and environment. He went further to appoint the oldest staff of the Association as his Chief of Staff in the person of Mr. Harrison Ehimikhuai, to assist his administration to achieve its purpose in the region.  Together, “we can make a significant difference and improve the well-being of Nigerian workers across the country.” the new Country Regional Administration said.

Engr. Dr. Emmanuel Uwalaka aka The Safety Minister assured the great Members of the Association that the appointment of the new Country Regional Administrator is long overdue and the hour has come for members to experience a new administration that will lead our great Association to the expected height in Nigeria. Speaking during the November 2023 General Meeting Edition, Dr Aliyu and his team is another eagle with double power to ensure safety knowledge gets to every Nigerian and save more lives through the educational preventive strategies of the Association. As I move to higher engagements in the Association, I promise to ensure that the OSHA Association delivers its mandate in the region and far beyond the legacies we left behind; Dr. Emmanuel Uwalaka said.

 The Regional President of the Association reminded members that the OSHAssociation Nigeria Region is playing a vital role in raising awareness of workplace safety and advocating for the implementation of robust safety measures in the country. Therefore, we must remain committed to the provision of professional training and certification, and safety-related consultancy services to various organisations, aiming to improve safety standards and prevent accidents in various sectors.

With the appointment of Dr. Aliyu Mohammed Ibrahim as the new Country Regional Administrator, OSHAssociation Nigeria Region is poised to strengthen its efforts in promoting safety and furthering its mission of safeguarding workers’ safety. The Association will remain committed to collaborating with Federal Government institutions, its members and industry stakeholders to create a safer and healthier working environment for all Nigerians.

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