Without relenting to its mandate of stunting fatalities across all sectors, the Occupational Safety and Health Association – Nigeria Region conducted a 4-day in-house Professional Health, Safety, and Environment Training and Certification for trainees of the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) to equip them with fundamental knowledge as far as Occupational Health and Safety in the Power Sector is concerned.

The four days training conducted at the NAPTIN Regional Training Center, Power House, Kachia Road, Kakuri, Kaduna State is part of the Association’s stride to impact the society, especially the nation’s workplace with the gospel of Safety best practices through training campaigns with a view of improving the knowledge and skills of the citizenry with a view of stunting fatalities, accidents and incidents especially in the workplaces hence making the workplace healthier and safer for everyone.

Recall that trainees of NAPTIN were in may Trained by the Association  in Kainji, Niger state. The recent training in Kaduna is still the continued effort of NAPTIN in conjunction with OSHAssociation to equip the sector as Safety Knowledge goes a long way in boosting the confidence of Workers while they carried out their activities on site.

The training program included the following courses: Fire Safety and Prevention in Power Sector (Course 107), Workplace Health and Safety (Course 109), and Personal Protective Equipment PPE (Course 108), to mention but a few, all of which were taught extensively by OSHAssociation’s Training Instructors.

During the 4 days, the trainees were better equipped with all the rudimental knowledge of safety best practices as it relates to the power sector.

Some of the trainees who spoke with safety view media attested that the training has enlightened them on how to conduct their service safely and healthily. Attesting that the risk factor in the sector is high, the class representative explained that workers in the sector deal with the highest level of voltage which is risky, adding that the inculcation of safety training into their training curriculum has gone a long way in boosting his confidence as well as ensuring that they return home to their families safe and sound.

OSHAssociation has continuously remained resolute in improving the current state of the nation’s economy. To this extent, the Association has been reaching and touching lives with the gospel of safety through training, advocacies, campaigns, workshop, and conferences amongst others to see that the nation’s workplace is being revamped and the lives and welfare of the workforce remain paramount.
The training is the second in a row in the collaboration between NAPTIN and the Association; being that NAPTIN understands the importance and value and quality of training being offered by the Association.


No less than 200 construction firms have recently resolved to upgrade the welfare of their staff as well as the potency of their project delivery and service through the inculcation of standardized safety best practices in the country.

The Construction companies resolved to eradicate hazards present in the construction sites during The Big 5 Construct Event which was held recently at the Landmark Center, Lagos.

Since its inception, the Big 5 Construct Nigeria is the largest gathering of the construction and infrastructure community in Nigeria which connects suppliers with quality buyers from across Nigeria and the West African region as well as promoting innovation, sharing cutting-edge knowledge, and accelerating business. Hence it is the biggest event that assembles top stakeholders, and captains of industries from the Building/construction sector to discuss and deliberate on issues pondering on standards as well as modern innovations and prospects for improved, standardized and qualitative service delivery in the sector.

Illuminating the company’s representative, stakeholders as well as delegates on the need to improve their standard of operation as far as Occupational Safety and Health Best practices in concerned, the Regional Administrator of the Occupational Safety and Health Association- Nigeria region, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka pointed out the difference between hazards and risk in the Building/construction sector as well as the modalities that are needed in other to prevent/address such occurrences if or when they occur.

In his presentation titled “Strategies of Achieving Safety Best Practices in the Construction Industry”, Engr. Uwalaka itemized the common causes of fatalities and Injuries in the sector which according to him can be duly avoided if proper regulations, as well as adherence to stipulated safety guidelines, are upheld. He also emphasized that it is the responsibility of the management staff of firms r to not only provide all the materials and modalities to ensure the safety of their staff but also enforce regulations that will bring about complete adherence alongside compliance in the long run.

“As an employer, it is important to understand who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace and what actions you can take to ensure the health and safety of your employees, contractors, and others who may be affected by your operational activities,” He said.

He also called on the stakeholders present as well as heads of organizations to key into the National Safety Advocacy project (NSAP 2021-2023) which according to him will not just help them develop their service standards in terms of Health and Safety, but will  empower them to also contribute to the development and localization of safety best practices and structures for the benefit of the general public.’

Responding to the charge, the Construction firm’s representatives attested that there is a gap that needs to be bridged urgently in terms of safety localization in the sector. They also noted that the sector being a backbone of the national economy needs to be revamped as this will not only bring about better and safe service delivery during project construction but will see that the welfare of the workforce is improved substantially thus boosting their continence while they go about their productive activities while on site.

OSHAssociation has never relented in ensuring that all sectors are reached out to with the gospel of safety and its best practices. To this extent, the Association has been conducting seminars, training programs, and advocacy campaigns as well as participating in conferences and external events all in its bid to see that the general public starting from stakeholders down to the least of Nigerians are enlightened on the benefit of safety adherence.



The Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, has expressed concerned over the employability of its students in terms of basic Occupational Safety and Health Knowledge and has directed all Departments within the institution to enforce Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) training in their curricular.

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, Engr. Dr. Michael Arimanwa FNSE, FOSHA, JP, gave the directive during the 2022 Imo State Specialised Health, Safety and Environment Programme held recently at the 1000 Capacity Auditorium, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.


The event with the theme: “The Roles of Educational Institutions in Building Quality Safety Education in Nigeria” is hosted by the Occupational Safety and Health Association in conjunction with the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State and is specifically aimed at containing domestic and workplace fatalities and at the same time premiering the safety revamp project of the institution in conjunction with the Association to see that the students are equipped with the fundamentals of Safety best practices required in industries.

Welcoming delegates at the event, the Rector, Engr. Dr. Michael Arimanwa FNSE, JP, who is also a distinguished Fellow of OSHAssociation UK, expressed his excitement at the launch of the program. He attested to the delegates that the Federal Polytechnic Nekede was once again setting the pace as the first to start the HSE Training Programme in the entire Southeast. He reaffirmed the status of his institution as the best-performing Polytechnic in Nigeria, as well as a Centre of Excellence on ICT.

The Rector also expressed optimism that the HSE program would create a new wave of consciousness in the mind of the citizenry as far as health, safety, and the environment is concerned.

 “We believe this program would help to awaken safety awareness among people, especially now that people even slump while working. It is also our hope that in no distant time, the membership of OSHA in Federal Polytechnic Nekede and the Southeast would expand significantly” He explained.

Declaring the event open, the President, OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, HRH, Dr. Amb Olusegun Aderemi declared that TVET remains the solution to provide jobs for the teaming unemployed youth in the country adding that Safety and Health Knowledge remains relevant as it will safeguard the lives of the workforce, especially the young ones who are 100% of the nation’s future.

Represented by the Rivers State Chairman, Dr. Chris Mitchell FOSHA, the OSHAssociation’s President reiterated that the inculcation of Health and Safety training in TVET will go a long way to not just revitalize the sector, but ensure that accidents, incidents, and fatalities are being stunted to the barest minimum.

“With the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in conjunction with the OSHAssociation critically driving safety best practice across the board, polytechnics remain relevant in this journey that is set to bring out a revamp in the nation as far as Health and Safety is concerned” He declared.

Also speaking at the event, the  Ag. Chairman of the Governing Council of the Polytechnic, Sqd. Ldr. Chima Idika Chima (RtD) thanked the Rector and his Management team for the feat of establishing a HSE Training Centre in the institution, pledging the support of the council members to the program.

In a keynote address, the Chairman of Imo State Chapter of OSHA UK – Nigeria and Coordinator Poly-OSHA Programme, Dr. Austin Madu, thanked the Rector for the unflinching support he granted the OSHA team which facilitated the inauguration of a HSE International Certification center at the Federal Polytechnic Chapter. He described safety and health as “constituents of welfare because health is wealth.”

According to Dr. Madu, “In her bid to complement the efforts of trade unions, therefore, OSHA has offered a lucid operational framework that provides the right impetus to workers all over the world at least to keep the zest of trade unions fighting the increasing rate of work-related diseases, accidents, and fatalities afloat.”

In a lecture at the event, The Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation Nigerian region, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka averred that safety is a matter of life and death revealing that many deaths recorded in Nigeria occurs as a result of negligence to safety tenets.

The speaker further described safety skills as “a soft skill” that can earn anyone a place in multinational organizations. He lauded the Rector for championing the establishment of the HSE Training Centre in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, adding that the institution is at the vantage of servicing the rest of the Southeast in HSE training and certification.

The high point of the event was the investiture of sixteen individuals as Fellows of the OSHA-UK – Nigeria (FOSHA) and the induction of over forty-one people as members (MOSHA). Some of the individuals that received the OSHA Fellowship investiture were the Deputy Rector (Academic), C.C. Onyemenonu, ASUP President, Mr. Anderson Ezeibe, Dr. Basilia Igbokwe, Comr. Oliver Uchenna Enete, Engr. Dr. Moses Owolabi, among others.

The high point of the event was the investiture of sixteen individuals as Fellows of the OSHA-UK – Nigeria (FOSHA) and the induction of over forty-one people as members (MOSHA). Some of the individuals that received the OSHA Fellowship investiture were the Deputy Rector (Academic), C.C. Onyemenonu, ASUP President, Mr. Anderson Ezeibe, Dr. Basilia Igbokwe, Comr. Oliver Uchenna Enete, Engr. Dr. Moses Owolabi, among others.

Similarly, the event was used to decorate some notable individuals as Patrons of OSHA-UK, among who was the Ag. Chairman of the 14th Governing Council, Sqd. Ldr. Chima, I. Chima, Chairman/CEO Fratelo Group of Companies, Evang. Berthran Uzodinma, HRH Eze Godwin Merenini, and HRH Eze Augustine Iwuoha.

Meanwhile, the Rector, Engr. Dr. M.C. Arimanwa FNSE, JP, was decorated with the star award of Grand Patron of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), United Kingdom, Nigeria Region.

The award-winning Polytechnic boss joins the league of eminent but few Nigerians to be so decorated in that cadre, among who is the Sultan of Sokoto, Alh. Saad Abubakar, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and Amanyanabo of Twon-Brass, King Alfred Diete-Spiff, among others.

OSHAssociation has never relented in advocating for safety best practices in the nation, to this effect, Association has rolled out several campaign programs such as Conferences, workshops, and training programs among others across the nation through its chapters all in a bid to consciencetize the citizenry on the need and benefits of safety compliance in workplaces as well as across the board.

MARITIME SAFETY: Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) equipped their Staff with the Workplace Safety Knowledge

In fulfillment of its mandate stunting fatalities, accident, and incidents across all sectors of the nation’s economy as well as extensive safety advocacy, the Occupational Safety and Health Association in collaboration with the Spring Creek Integrated recently organized a one day Health and Safety Awareness Course for the management staff of the Nigerian Shippers council through the virtual platform.

Declaring the safety awareness training open, the Executive Director of OSHAssociation United Kingdom, John Flynn FOSHA, said that the issue of safety remains an issue of critical concern across all sectors, especially the maritime sector. While itemizing some of the key issues of safety concern, John Flynn opined that more efforts are required as regards policies and regulations development, which will go a long way to revamp the sector by instilling a substantive level of safety consciousness and confidence in the mind of workers in the sector.

While charging the management staff to ensure health and safety compliance in the council, the OSHAssociation Executive Director expressed his optimism that the continued Safety Capacity Development training will help the council as far as Occupational Safety and Health best practices and its localization is concerned in the country. According to him, the Association training is specifically tailored to suit industrial needs and peculiarities as far as Health and Safety are concerned in the Maritime Sector.

“OSHAssociation provide safety training programmes tailored to the needs of ships, shipyards, and their workers. No matter what your workday looks like, our training not only suits the industry but instills a substantive level of consciousness in the mind of the workers of the sector and ensures that they are equipped with all the fundamental and vital knowledge to see that they carry out their activities safely. He said.

Similarly, the Regional Administrator of the Association, Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka gave a brief erudition on the strides and achievement of the Association in public sector and it’s impact as regards effective safety advocacy across all sectors of the economy. While expressing his delight in the Continues Capacity training programmes which is being premiered, Engr. Uwalaka attributed the high rate of accidents and fatalities across the nation to a lack of compliance to set safety guidelines as well as deliberate ignorance and disregards to safety measures.

Speaking at the event, the chairman of the Rivers State Chapter of the Association, Dr. Chris Mitchell FOSHA educated the staff on the need for management staff to also be safety leaders in their workplaces. In his presentation on “Continuous Development and Improvement on Workplace Safety: A Gradual Journey to Health And Safety Skills in the Workplace”, Dr. Chris emphasized the need to enact a working organisational safety culture in a workplace which according to him is very vital because “actions driven by organizational believes can have a significant influence on the workers’ action.

While itemizing the reasons for resistance to achieving a safety culture include doubt, leadership, infrastructural, and motivation among others, Dr. Chris established that the characteristics of a positive safety culture must include value, personal safety, willingness, and safe behaviors adding that an individual can be committed to safety wholly especially if they are consciously competent, reward safe behaviors, looks at eliminating causes of hazards instead of placing blames, as well as demonstrating and active behavior towards coworkers.

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Ayoola Kolawole Ishola MOSHA; a Safety Engineer gave common examples of Shipping and Port Accidents including the modalities that ought to be implemented to prevent or address the situation as the case may be. Mr. Kola in his presentation titled “Workplace Health and Safety Best Practices in Shipping and Port Operations” explained that everyone (including the supervisor, the employer as well as the organization) has a critical role to play in terms of health and Safety at workplace.

OSHAsssociation has never relented in ensuring that the gospel of safety is localized extensively, especially through awareness, training and capacity development programmes for organizations across different sectors of the industry. This and many other strides have so far established the Association as the top training and impacting institution in Nigeria and beyond as far as Occupational Safety and Health are concerned.

– Team

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FG Partners OSHAssociation for Safety Capacity Building in the Civil Service

Understanding the need to improve the Capacity of Public servants, The Federal Government recently collaborated with the Occupational Safety and Health Association – Nigeria region to train and develop the capacity of some of its officers on Health, Safety and Environmental best practices in workplaces.

This collaboration is the FG intervention towards improving the welfare of civil servants in terms of occupational safety and health in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Recall that the FG recently released a circular to MDAs mandating them to establish OSH desk offices and also deploy desk officers to man the desk.  According to the circular, these officers would undergo training to get them equipped with the fundamental knowledge to understand the roles they ought to play in their organisations.

Premiering this mandate, officers from the Office of the Head of civil service of the Federation underwent a three (3) days intensive Professional Training and Certification on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE level 1,2 & 3- Supervisor Course) conducted by the training department of OSHAssociation.

Charging the officers, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (HOCSF), Folasade Yemi-Esan, noted that the training is a power step premiering the circular that will bring a revamp to the welfare and working operations of public servants in the country.

Represented by the Director, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Department, Dr Comfort Adeosun, The HOCSF called on the Officers to take the training serious as all knowledge gained will trickle down towards ensuring safety and best practices in their workplaces as well as their homes. According to her, safety was becoming an emergency issue hence all hands must come on deck to revamp the public sector and ensure that public servants are safe when they carry out their respective duties.

Declaring the event open, The Region President of OSHAssociation –Nigeria Region HRH, Dr, Amb. Olusegun Aderemi FOSHA appreciated the Office of the HOSCF for finding in the Association a competent and professional training institution to be the driver of this mega project.

Represented by the Chairman Council of Fellows, Dr Dalhatu Moohammed FOSHA declared the willingness of the Association to utilize its training centres across the country to train and improve the capacity of public servants across all sectors of the economy.

“Safety is our life, and we are ever ready to deploy our network to see that Safety is being localized extensively in the country,” he said.

The public servants were trained in several courses including Workplace Health and Safety, Fire safety and prevention, and Foundation in Occupational Safety and Health among others.

OSHAssociation remains resolute to stunting fatalities, accidents and incidents in the country and will continue to deploy any means possible including advocacy campaigns, workshops, and training amongst others to bring a revamp as far as OSH best practices are concerned in the country.

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