Ministry of Defence in Collaboration with OSHAssociation Held Safety Workshop to mark the World Safety Day 2023

On the 28th of April 2023, the Ministry of Defence organised a Safety Workshop in collaboration with the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) to commemorate World Safety Day.

The Workshop aimed to promote Safety awareness, discuss best practices, and foster a Safety-conscious culture within the Ministry and population at large. The event brought together personnel from various departments and agencies under the Ministry of Defense to share insights and strategies for maintaining a safe working environment.

The Workshop started with a keynote address from a prominent Safety Expert from the OSHAssociation which emphasized on  the significance of World Safety Day and encouraged participants to prioritize safety in their daily operations.

The key objectives of the safety workshop were as follows:

  • –  Raise awareness of the importance of safety in the workplace.
  • –  Share knowledge and best practices in occupational Safety and Health.
  • – Address safety challenges and concerns specific to the Ministry of Defense.
  • –  Foster a collaborative approach to safety across different departments and units.
  • – provide a platform for employees to voice their safety-related experiences and suggestions.

To engage the participants actively, the Workshop included several interactive activities such as Safety Quizzes, role-playing scenarios for emergency response, and group discussions on safety-related case studies. These activities not only reinforce the importance of safety but also encourage teamwork and collaboration.

The Ministry of Defence Safety Workshop in Collaboration with OSHAssociation to mark World Safety Day was a resounding success. The event effectively promoted Safety awareness, facilitated knowledge sharing, and encouraged a collective commitment to Safety within the Ministry and society at large. The participants gained valuable insights into Safety best practices, challenges, and the importance of a robust Safety culture.

By fostering collaboration and open communication, the Workshop contributed to strengthening the Ministry’s safety standards and undoubtedly has a positive impact on the well-being of its personnel and operations.

ITF DG, Sir Joseph N. Ari Bags Occupational Safety And Health Association Award

Director-General of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Sir Joseph N. Ari has been bestowed with an Honorary Fellowship Award by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) UK.

OSHAssociation during the presentation ceremony of the Award in the United Kingdom, said it was in appreciation of the Director General’s invaluable contributions to entrenching occupational health and safety in the Fund, and ensuring that all contributing employers adhere to occupational health and safety standards.

In his acceptance speech, the ITF DG, Sir Joseph N. Ari, expressed delight and appreciated the Association for the award, noting that as the foremost human capacity development organisation in Nigeria, the Fund is charged with the responsibility of setting and maintaining training standards in all sectors of the economy, and monitor adherence among other responsibilities.

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OSHAssocition Participated in the National Skills Qualification (NSQ) Certification Programme Supported by World Bank Ideas Project (NBTE)


He further said; “In the discharge of our mandate, the ITF has over the years implemented several training programmes in occupational health and safety for both staff of the Fund and our stakeholders. It was in recognition of the important place of occupational health and safety in organisations that the ITF made it a key criterion for granting training reimbursement to contributing employers.

“This is aimed at encouraging employers of labour to carry out safety training and adhere to safety protocols in their various organisations.

“I feel greatly delighted and honoured”, he continued, “to have been conferred with the award of an Honorary Fellow of this great Association. This is not only a rare privilege but an encouragement to do more,” he said.

Ari, who noted that the Year 2022 is a good year for the ITF in terms of awards received and the achievements that have been recorded despite the difficult operational environment, said that the Fund is committed more than ever before to the full actualisation of its mandate for overall economic and industrial growth of Nigeria in line with the vision of the Federal Government.

Earlier in the year, the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) presented the ITF DG with an Award of Excellence for Exceptional Contribution to Human Resource Development.




OSHAssocition Participated in the National Skills Qualification (NSQ) Certification Programme Supported by World Bank Ideas Project (NBTE)

National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) formerly National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) is a system for the development, classification and recognition of skills, knowledge and competencies acquired by individuals in various fields and industries.

The concept of quality assurance can be traced back to the early industrial era when craftsmen and artisans implemented rudimentary methods to inspect and verify the quality of their products manually. This process involved visual inspection and basic tests to ensure that the products and services met certain standards and criteria.

The programme which was conducted by Major Academy Limited was in line with the directive of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) which took place in the six (6) Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria for the award of Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA) Certification in Health, Safety & Environment and including other areas of industries.

The programme which took seven (7) months was kicked off in January and ended July 2023 in various training centres respectively. Quality Assurance Assessors can play a crucial role in various industries, including Health, Safety and Environment as one of the major skills that affects all industries as regards to accident and injury prevention. Quality Assurance Assessors are not just limited to industrial skills but also extend to service skills such as Health, Safety and Environment.

As a Quality Assurance Assessor in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), a pivotal role is played in ensuring the highest standards of safety, health, and environmental compliance within a particular skill of competency. The primary responsibility of a Quality Assurance Assessor is to assess, monitor, and continuously improve the individual skills and compliance to the standard, policies, and best practices while carrying out a particular task; by applying expertise and standard in the process of carrying out any task.

Health, Safety and Environmental knowledge and skill is highly required in every field and industries; also creates a culture of safety consciousness and foster a sustainable working environment.

Following the rigorous training process and field works carried out by the nominated candidates, it is expected that the certified quality assurance assessors (QAA) from various fields of industries will explore the opportunities of assessing the competency of individuals in various skills and industries.

Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) as one of the leading professional organisation in the field of Health, Safety and Environment nominated candidates across Nigeria to ensure maximum participation in the programme supported by the World Bank Ideas Project NBTE.

Dr. Emmanuel Uwalaka, the Regional Administrator of the OSHA Association Nigeria told the press team that following the high rate of injuries, fatalities and deaths in various industries currently, the Quality Assurance Assessors will do the needful towards ensuring competency of skills of individuals in various fields of industries. He further stated that over fifteen (10) candidates was nominated by OSHA Association and they all successfully passed the assessment and also certified Quality Assurance Assessors.

In view of the above, OSHAssociation is in the forefront of ensuring Nigerians Safety and Health through education, training and certification; including providing supports that creates Zero Incidents at workplaces.


Stakeholders from diverse sectors including the public and private sectors have expressed their concern about the safety of lives at workplaces and have resolved to establish partnerships to improve the safety of lives at work.

The stakeholders resolved to among others establish potent partnerships to stunt the astronomic rate of fatalities, accidents, and incidents, especially in the nation’s workplaces which according to them is a key strategy to revamp the nation and its economy as far as health and safety are concerned.

The Stakeholders rolled out this resolution during the 12th International Safety Conference and awards which was held recently at the Conference Hall of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Mabushi, Abuja.

Declaring the Event open, the Conference Committee Chairman Engr, Christian Oyinbo FOSHA noted that Security, Saving lives, and promoting safety everywhere is everybody’s business.

“In Health and Safety, the slogan safety is the responsibility of all, simply means that we are all parties working together for mutual benefits and it can only be if every one of us plays his/her role then we can generate health and safety and make the partnership to work,” he said.

Similarly, The Minister of State for Works Housing, Hon. Umar I. El-Yakub speaking on the theme of the event: “A Partnership that Works: The Role of Stakeholders Towards Safety of Lives at Work” emphasized that everyone must get involved to promulgate safety across the board.

Expressing his delight with the advocacy strides of the Occupational Safety and Health Association, The Works Minister noted that Nigeria has significantly improved in terms of Health and Safety Compliance because of the Unrelenting and ever-flaming drive of the OSHAssociation towards its mandate of stunting fatalities, acceding and incident across the board and called on stakeholders to key into the safety drive and salvage the country from the narrative of being among the least in terms of health and safety compliance.

The Regional President of OSHAssociation Nigeria Region, HRH, Dr Amb, Olusegun Aderemi, FOSHA, implored everyone to remain steadfast because “it is  our prime responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety around you and your environment; in order words, the role of stakeholders towards the safety of lives at work or home should be a shared responsibility, where we all need to cooperate to advance our mutual interests.”

“This shared responsibility that I mentioned earlier implies that the issue of safety should be a pre-condition and take dominance in the course of designing every policy, and operational procedure at workplaces. If we all play our roles responsibly with passion and commitment the theme of this 12th International Safety Conference would have achieved a very positive outcome.

In a lecture at the event, Prof George A Genyi , FOSHA, averred that safety is a matter of life and death revealing that many deaths recorded in Nigeria occur as a result of negligence to safety tenets in his paper titled: The Need for Partnership for All.

Also unveiled at the event was the OSHAssociation UK Safety Anthem which was composed and Sung by Dr A C Madu FOSHA, The Imo State Chapter Chairman of the Association. Kids Safety Presentation and Unveiling of Amanda the Smart Safety Girl by Zara Uwalaka was yet another exciting moment at the conference as everyone was thrilled and mesmerized by the presentation of the lad.


The high point of the event was the investiture of some key stakeholders as Fellows of the OSHA-UK – Nigeria (FOSHA) and the induction of scores as members (MOSHA) all of whom have distinguished themselves by being safety ambassadors across their respective areas of influence 

Similarly, the event was used to decorate some notable individuals with a merit Award of safety excellence on the Honourable Minister of State for Works and Housing, Hon. Umar I. El-Yakub, the Honourable Minister of Environment, Barr. Abdullahi Mohammed, Minister of Defence, Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi rtd. as well as the Honourable Minister of State for FCT, Dr Ramatu Tijani Aliyu.

Meanwhile,  the Etsu Nupe. His Royal Majesty Dr Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar GCFR was decorated with the star award of Grand Patron of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), United Kingdom, Nigeria Region. The chairman of the Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers joins the league of eminent but few Nigerians to be so decorated in that cadre, among who is the Sultan of Sokoto, Alh. Saad Abubakar, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and Amanyanabo of Twon-Brass, King Alfred Diete-Spiff, among others.

OSHAssociation has never relented in advocating for safety best practices in the nation, to this effect, Association has rolled out several campaign programs such as Conferences, workshops, and training programs among others across the nation through its chapters all in a bid to consciencetize the citizenry on the need and benefits of safety compliance in workplaces as well as across the board.

– Alanza Giwa
Safety View Media, Abuja.


The Managing Director/CEO, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Capt. Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu FOSHA has expressed his delight in the strides archived by FAAN, particularly in terms of Health and Safety best practices, and has declared the Authority’s intent to constantly review and upgrade its safety protocols to ensure that Nigerian airports are safe for flights operation and safe for passengers.

The FAAN Boss stated this in Abuja, during his conferment of OSHAssociation UK fellowship and Inauguration of the Authority as Cooperate Member of OSHAssociation where he attested that FAAN is working in line with the Mandate recently rolled out by the Federal Government to not just Improve the Safety Standards for flights operation but also to make Nigerian Airports safe for passengers as well as airport officials.

Expressing his delight for the honour bestowed on him by the Association, Capt. Yadudu FOSHA expressed his excitement on the fellowship conferment alongside the Cooperate Membership Inauguration adding that is not just an addition of yet another feather to his hat and that of the Authority, but a crystal indication that FAAN is indeed improving and growing across the board as the Authority’s strides is being recognized internationally.

“ I must confess that this is not just an honour to FAAN and Me, but a crystal indication that the unrelenting passion and drive of this Agency to see that Nigerian Airports are not just standardized but also improved with the view of ensuring safe operations as well as the safety of the lives of Passengers and officers.

“This recognition by OSHAssociation UK speaks volumes of our strides and proves beyond doubt h that we are forward and onward” he noted


Capt. Yadudu further explained that the fellowship and Corporate Membership will spur FAAN to do more in safety. “We want to assure you that we are committed to safety” the FAAN MD told the Association. I was also a safety officer and safety manager so I have been a safety person. Our industry is entirely about safety. Every day, there are over 10, 000 flights all over the world, but we go on for months without crashes. This speaks to the safety protocols of the industry. There is a lot that goes into making an aircraft fly safely” he explained.

“If we don’t pay attention to safety, we can’t survive in this industry. But we will keep on making more efforts to operate more safely” he noted.

He also promised the Association that FAAN will review the safety recommendations

“We will review your safety recommendations with our regulations and implement them based on our regulatory parameters,” he told the association.

Also speaking at the event, Regional President, Occupational Safety and Health UK, Nigeria. HRH, Dr. Olusegun Aderemi, while decorating the FAAN MD disclosed the intent of the Association to take the partnership to the next level given the critical role of FAAN in providing safe and essential services to aviation operators and users.

He also requested to help FAAN achieve its safety mandate by providing safety awareness, safety signages, safety trainings for various departments of FAAN, and more as this will go a long way in not just ensuring that passengers and officers are safe in Nigerian Airports but that the Narrative of Nigeria being one of the least in terms of Health and Safety compliance, especially in workplaces is reversed.

The FAAN inauguration and Fellowship conferment which had the theme: “Aviation Safety: Key for Development and Sustainability” is one of the Association’s unrelenting resolutions to see that the gospel of safety is spread across the board. At the same time, OSHAssociation understands and is working acidulously to get all stakeholders Captains of Industries, Heads of Departments, and the like get involved in the issues of OSH as this will ensure that they are not just Safety aware but are passionately driven towards changing the current narrative through proper policy formations and deliberations for the betterment of officers within their jurisdiction as the Nation at large.

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