The OSHA Association Annual National OSH Training Workshop is to enable your employees to build capacities in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and to foster collaboration between the major stakeholders from various sectors towards driving and Practicing Injury Prevention at workplace.


This training workshop will help employees to understand the new approved practices, regulations, policies and safety expectations within their work environment in line with government policies and regulations. Safety and health training is crucial for workers to gain a solid knowledge of hazards and risks associated with their jobs. Providing workers with the latest safety knowledge and skills that can help protect them from work-related injuries, diseases, and deaths.

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The event has been scheduled as follows:

Date:               Thursday 31st August 2023     

Venue:             Conference Hall, Raw Materials Research and Dev. Council (RMRDC), Maitama Abuja

Time:               9: 30am

OSHAssociation in Partnership with Head of Civil Service Trains OSH Desk Officers

Workshop was held at the Nigeria Army Resource Center to train and educate nominated OSH Desk Officers on their roles and duties in ensuring a safe, conducive and healthy work environment at their various workplace.

Following the directive to all MDAs to establish OSH Desk and appoint officers, the Federal Government through the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Dr. Folashade Yemi-Esan has charged heads of Ministry, Department, and Agencies (MDAs) to prioritise a healthy working environment for their staff to enhance effective service delivery and avoid absenteeism and presenteeism.

The Three Day Training Programme for Occupational Safety and Health (Osh) Desk Officers, Themed: Fostering A Safe Conducive and Healthy Work Environment For Civil Servants was held in Abuja at Nigeria Army Resource Center, Mambilla Barracks Junction, Asokoro between 4th to 6th July, 2023.

The head of civil service who was represented by the permanent secretary of the Service Welfare Office, Alhaji Mahmud Kambari, noted that a healthy workforce in any organization translates to increase productivity, longevity and better relationship.

Note that this was held in compliance with “The National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Policy approved by the Federal Executive Council, which mandated the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) to ensure the provision of safe, conducive and healthy work environment and promote international best practices for workers in all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies of Government.

The head of civil service further said that the training programme was therefore organised to equip OSH Desk Officers with the requisite knowledge to discharge the responsibilities of coordinating the implementation of OSH activities in their MDAs. “It is to also help OSH Desk Officers understand the approved practices and safety expectations within their work environment.

“A healthy workforce results in increased productivity therefore providing a healthy work environment which guarantees the safety of workers should be paramount to all.”

The Regional Administrator of OSHAssociation, Nigeria Region, Engr Dr Emmanuel Uwalaka , who was a guest speaker amongst others at the training, while speaking , decried the high number of death being recorded among civil servants. He described the situation as alarming. The OSH Desk officers were urged to take deliberate efforts to prevent workplace accidents and illness to promote healthy well-being among civil servants.

Skills Agenda and Apprenticeship System in the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa (SASASNET)

In an effort to address the growing demand for skilled labor and bridge the unemployment gap in sub-Saharan Africa, the Sub-Saharan Africa Skills and Apprenticeship Stakeholders Network (SASASNET) has organised a formal launch and workshop on the skills and apprenticeship system in sub-Saharan Africa.

The event was a two-day program that took place from July 24–25, 2023, at the Abuja Continental Hotel, Abuja. It gathered important and relevant personalities who are actively involved in the decision-making and policy-making processes in Nigeria as well as in its member countries.

The purpose of the two-day convergence was to share knowledge and experience regarding policies and practice on how to preserve and improve apprenticeship systems in the informal economy to promote quality, innovation, economic development, and social justice, and to support policy dialogue for the incorporation of these good practices into national and regional training and employment promotion policies. It brought together representatives of governments, experts, training institutions, employers and workers’ organisations, crafts associations, and their federations from selected countries in Africa.

The idea was conceived at a workshop that was held in February 2023 in Cotonou, Benin Republic, and the network seeks to accompany the countries in the process of evolving and implementing national and continental policies and strategies that will enhance skills and apprenticeship to address the development challenges facing the world.

The Vice President, who was represented by the permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education, Mr. Andrew Adejo, emphasized the pressing need to bridge the development gaps in science and technology across the continent and the need for media to popularize the mission of the program for maximum awareness. Also, Hon. Ousman Sillah, Secretary General of SASASNET from Gambia, gave a briefing on the necessity to empower the youth in skills and apprenticeship programs to ensure growth and development across Africa.

Let’s not forget that in all this, there is a need for safety rules and procedures to be actively integrated in the training and apprenticeship program to ensure the well-being of participants and to create a conducive learning environment by ensuring that the program adheres to all relevant safety and health regulations and standards set by the local, regional, and national authorities, which may include workplace safety regulations, hazard communication standards, and occupational health guidelines.

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation), as one of the most prominent professional organization in the field of Safety, health, and environment, has taken the leverage to engage actively in this program following the high rate of incidents associated with skills acquisition and apprenticeship. We should all know that the Safety and Health of participants as well as trainers and supervisors is a priority and a key factor in ensuring the success of the program.

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) has the mandate of supervising and monitoring the training activities to ensure that there are experienced and qualified supervisors overseeing the training process by equipping the supervisors with knowledge about safety protocols and intervening if unsafe practices are observed in order to ensure maximum safety and zero incidents during the learning process.


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OSHAssociation Conducted Professional Certification Training for Staff of Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has made a big step in its proactive endeavor to ensure the health of its workers and foster a safe working environment by setting up professional certification training for its officers that is centered on Safety and Health.

Leading specialists from the occupational safety and health association (OSHAssociation) oversaw the training course, which was designed to give Ministry personnel the skills and information they need to reduce risks, avoid accidents and successfully manage emergencies.

A wide range of topics was covered ranging from identifying potential risk in the work place, setting up measures to prevent accidents and injuries as well-tailoring training modules to address the unique safety concerns of different departments within the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry’s initiative to invest in professional certification training reflects its commitment to prioritize the safety and health of its officers. By ensuring that employees are well-informed and adequately trained, the Ministry aims to create a safer and healthier work environment, fostering increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

In a statement, the Minister of Finance expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the officers. He emphasized that the ministry places the highest importance on the Safety and Well-being of its employees and is committed to providing all necessary resources to achieve this goal.

The certification training program was met with positive Feedback from the officers who participated, with many expressing gratitude for the Ministry’s efforts to invest in their personal and professional development.

As the Ministry of Finance continues to set an example of prioritizing employee safety and health, other government institutions and private organizations are expected to follow suit, creating a more conscious and responsible approach towards workforce well-being across the nation.

OSHAssociation Trained Engineers and Staff of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing

Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) UK has conducted a training on Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Drill for Staff of  Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.


In recent years, the importance of emergency preparedness has become increasingly evident, given the growing frequency and severity of natural disasters, accidents, and unforeseen events. Recognizing this, the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) conducted a comprehensive in-house training and practical workshop for engineers and general staff members of the Works and Housing department to enhance their capabilities in handling emergencies efficiently.

Emergency preparedness refers to the process of planning and taking proactive measures to mitigate the potential risks and impacts of various emergencies.

The Workshop  is aimed at equipping engineers and the general staff of Works and Housing with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle emergencies effectively. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including risk assessment, emergency response procedures, evacuation protocols, first aid, and communication strategies.

The Emergency Preparedness Workshop was successful in achieving its objectives, and participants gained valuable insights and skills in understanding the potential consequences of unpreparedness by responding promptly and appropriately during emergencies.

The workshop, which was conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Association, proved to be a valuable learning experience for engineers and the general staff of the Works and Housing department. The training equipped participants with essential skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to emergencies, thereby contributing to a safer working environment, better public infrastructure resilience, and ensuring that the safety of its employees and that of the public are secured.


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