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Abba Moro Bags OSHAssociation UK Fellowship, Supports Passage of Occupational Safety, Health Bill in Nigeria

Senator Abba Moro reaffirmed his dedication to supporting initiatives aimed at enhancing occupational safety and health across public and private organizations in Nigeria.

He emphasized the alarming rate of fatalities and injuries resulting from industrial operations in the country due to insufficient laws and government sanctions. Senator Moro made this commitment upon receiving the title of Fellow of Occupational Safety and Health Association United Kingdom (OSHAssociation) at Excel London.

Given his background as a former Minister of Interior responsible for the Federal Fire Service and other Nigerian agencies, he recognizes the importance of fostering a proactive safety culture. He expressed satisfaction with OSHAssociation’s strong advocacy efforts in Nigeria and worldwide, believing that these endeavors would significantly reduce incident occurrences in the region.

Senator Moro encouraged Nigerians to adopt safety strategies aligned with global best practices in their daily activities, promoting a secure and informed approach. He specifically pledged to rally support from his colleagues in the 10th National Assembly for the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Bill, viewing it as a pivotal achievement for the country’s progress.

Acknowledging the Head of Service of the Federation’s efforts in integrating OSH Desk Officers within government establishments to oversee safety affairs, he extended his appreciation. Additionally, Senator Moro praised OSHAssociation for its unwavering commitment to Nigeria, ensuring safety advocacy and knowledge dissemination throughout the nation. He firmly believed that enacting the OSH bill into law would foster national development and augment OSHAssociation’s existing efforts in the country.


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